Pandemic's Qubicle Creations

Hello there people of the Internet :smiley:, I figured I’d share some of my compiled creations I’ve made in Qubicle Constructor. Have a gander!

A Bumble bee, pretty simple but I love it :smiley:

A blackpowder pistol, I used some reference for this one but I have edited the design that way a character can fit his finger through to the trigger.

Sword Practice :smiley: The first 2 are the swords from The Legend of Zelda - Majora’s Mask with a sheath and a few tweak, and the last is one of my own design meant for someone of wealth

Much more to come :smiley:


absolutely love that bumblebee… :slight_smile:

let’s see a 3d perspective on those swords too!



Dear lord somebody ban this man!

OH come on xD I want to make a mod with NON-LETHAL bugs and small animals so that it can inhance the immersion of the experience :smile:. What people should be worried about is my Titan that’s been in the works for over a month :wink:

Now, for more models

My pretty Beetle, i have a feeling Spiku isn’t going to like this one either :wink:

A black powder grenade, because what’s a gun without something to go with it xD

Now I sadly cannot find the Turntable for the swords I made :/. Sorry Steve, tommorow I will have something special to make up for it :smiley:

Edit: I am kinda looking for some more stuff to make, so Requests would be wicked awesome if you have any :smiley:


I think both of those bugs are pretty beautifully done. :slight_smile:

These are fantastic! I especially love the bee… adorable. :wink:

awesome! totally love the bee & the dark bug, keep up the great work!

Who cares about beetles? They don’t fly and sting and mess up picnics worse than a bear in a tie

Hey Everyone :D, so the something special is taking a while :confused: and should be up soon but here is some stuff to tide till that happens.

The game needed a pirate sword and the others are just random ideas I had :smiley:

Decided to redesign my pistol model into a double Barrel Shotgun :smiley: because everyone loves shouting shotgun and seeing someone fly 4 feet xD


need to make sure the hilts are at least 6 voxels long, given fingers right now are 3 digits by 2 width

Thank you for the information I’ll be sure to change that and to remember it if I create more weapons

You don’t have to, only if you’re making the weapon as the final size you want it to be. Models can be scaled up or down as needed, Cthulhu is a great example of this.

Not quite; Cthulhu was scaled to keep the same build principal in scale to make him look “right” at massive sizes.

Scaling weapons down will cause them to look off kilter with the rest of the models; you want to treat the villager level voxels as your bread and butter when building equipment for them; there’s very little reason to have weapons 1/5th off size when you could just have an extra voxel in the hilt

Nice stuff man! i think you should go for making more animals and weapons that seems to be what your good at :smiley:

Well, sorry for the lack of updates on my experiments, but I have decided to upload a shading trial. As some may have noticed I’ve been sticking to subtle shading that is hardly noticeable with bright and dark colors, So i wanted to try shading with a less saturated colors.

I seem to have a nack for insects… but here’s a dragonfly. I tried mixing a dull colors(the greenish brown) with a vibrant color (Light blue in the wings) I would like some opinions. Now for why it’s a Dragonfly and not the titan I’ve been working on… The livestream yesterday was a dragon so I figured “Aweeeee, Lets try to do a creepy thing that’s somehow cute” though I’m not quite sure I succeeded :smile:

My first update I posted my adorable little bumblebee. So, I made him a home. :smile:

I’ll have another update soon, hopefully it’ll have the titan in it :clock9:


i really like the dragonfly… i like him so much, i just want to smack him in his beady red eyes…

This is one of those times I wish I could animate… I have all the insect models already cut up into pieces and ready to animate I just can’t stand Blenders animation tools.


Big Update :smiley:

First I was playing Majora’s Mask again… and I looked at the fairy design and figured if i put something similar to it in Stonehearth via Mod I’d add more of the magic and wonderful atmosphere to the game.

It’s very similar to the ones for LoZ:MM and I felt a change of color would be awesome so I have a blue, yellow, pink, sapphire, emerald green and golden color swaps of this model :D.

Now for the one model I have mentioned in almost all of my updates, My nameless Titan. I have been working on the design to fit the atmosphere of the bee, beetle, dragonfly, hive and fairy all in mind, this will be one of the few hostile creature in my module.

Now this is still a work in progress, I plan to alter the orange color to be a little more vibrant and to add shading to it. He will be able to shoot stingers from his bottom segment, and he has a melee attack from his hands, and on top of that he can apply a small area of effect slow to soldiers using honey. He will be summonable, not sure how but I want it to be all like “You ain’t no messing with my babys!”

Feedback would be awesome :smiley:! Have a sweet day (Honey pun to close ftw)!


That Titan is both gorgeous and terrifying. Remind me to NEVER go looking to get honey!
However, it looks a little small compared to the monstrosity in the Stonehearth trailer/promotion video.

@dfre19 If you watched I think it was the Mammoth livestream, he shows the actual size of the Cthulu model and it’s a little smaller than a villager is, it’s just scaled up. I keep my models smaller so it can keep that 16-bit feel when it’s scaled up and down in size.

I was thinking about honeys use if it’s not in the game, I was thinking of adding a tea or drinkable substance that has a class along with it that would boost production speed and work speed by like 5-10%, along with a unique material being the Wasps claw from it’s hand to smelt it down and make hard but lighter armour and such, not sure though :stuck_out_tongue:

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