Some old Qubicle creations of mine

Hi, I just wanted to share with you some of my old qubicle creations. They are by far not the best I have made, and they were made the first 2 days of using Qubicle. Unfortunately I lost most of my newer files in a hdd failure :frowning:

We’ve got my unfinished warhammer.

We’ve got my unfinished book, codenamed “The Boo”(god knows why I named it so)

We’ve also got a more finished sword :smiley:

We’ve got my unfinished attempt on creating a kokiri shield ^^

And finally, we’ve got my bow of unknown origin!

And that is all that remains sadly :frowning:


hi @larsy1995… they are all quite good! i particularly liked the sword, shield and bow…

did you draw inspiration from any particular source on the sword?

as for “the boo”, it was clearly a real-estate issue… who needs the “k”? :wink:

Actually, I did not. I tried various designs before I came up with something I was satisfied with.

well again, its really well done… the blue hue gives it an almost electrified look…

God damn it!!! Why is it that everyone elses models are better than mine!? Is it because I dont know how to SHADE!!???

To be honest, I don’t, or rather didn’t really know how to shade either, but I tried to find something that looked good. I use alot of time to figure out how I want to shade a model, and it takes me up to 2 hours for smaller models and up to 5 to get everything right with my bigger models.

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These are actually quite good!