Grimm's Voxel Fun


I love how your game is turning out so far; I happened to stumble on the Kickstarter the day of or after you started it and backed it right away the art style and game idea was just too awesome.

Then I found this site and the community creations are already ridiculously good especially that @Pepe they almost made me not want to try they were so good lol.

So I want to improve my skills and this seems like a great place to get inspired, post my stuff, critique and get critiqued so here’s my little corner of fun; don’t be too harsh please :wink: lol it’s been years since I’ve messed around art and I’ve never been able to do 3D models before Qubicle.

So here is my old web art I had a avatar system that would dynamically layer PNG’s in a browser with z-index and then flatten it into one image for a web avatar rpg that I never finished but I kept my artwork.

Those are my base images that inspired these creations (Orb and Battle Mage are separate):


first, welcome aboard! :smiley:

second, i like what you’ve done for what im assuming is a link mail of sorts? looks really well done…

my only real critique is with his torso… it seems a bit narrow, but perhaps its just the angle…


@SteveAdamo Thank you sir! It’s actually supposed to be a gray robe with kind of a light-weight chest plate on it which I guess makes the skinny torso fact worse haha I was going for that baggy almost too big kind of robe it’s supposed to look bunched up and half tucked in his shoes lol.


well, it definitely gives the impression of bulk! :smiley:


@SteveAdamo Haha well I tried bulking up his torso some though it might look even more like armor instead of a robe now with what I did :smile: I blame the knee guards though lol


the torso does look better… the bulk makes a difference… and now that i noticed the model rotates, i just saw the hood (nice!) and the pack slung across his back? :smiley:


@SteveAdamo Yeah his crystalized mana holding satchel was going for it tied around the straps of the chest/back plates :smile:

My army of slimes are ready for the mage :wink: though I don’t think they stand a chance


Is it just me or is making stuff in Qubicle addicting?! I can’t stop doing things. Haha.

Now to try and convert my old water elemental pixel art; this one will be ambitious I think… well for me at least lol.
Base image:

Onward there’s voxeling afoot!
Update the elemental to look… uh less “Madonna” like lol.


Holy crap it’s past 3AM here; I need to put these voxels down but… I made a magic sword! :sweat_smile:


Loving it all, especially the sword! :slight_smile:


i love the slimes!!!


Thanks guys :smile: it’s a good thing I found Qubicle while I’m on vacation; though I say that like I’ll be able to stop messing around with this stuff anytime soon haha.

More swords! A whole collection of elemental swords from Plain, Air Sword, Acid Sword, Blood Sword, Earth Sword, Fire Sword, Ice Sword, Lightning Sword, and Water Sword.


So here is my tribal war mage; I’ve been touching up my mage robe to be more blocky and I think it really shows because this guy puts my dark battle-mage to shame not only can he cast spells with his awesome sheepskin drum he’ll inspire you with his drum beats!


Don’t ask me what started this tribal kick; but I think I blame the feathers I made because I like putting them on things lol.


Here’s two more for the Tribal collection; I guess I’ll just make an entire civilization of people :wink: if any modders out there want some tribal village people let me know haha.

Pay no attention to the shrunken head on the Witchdoctor staff; he’s friendly really… is that blood paint? I think I’ll go stand by the warrior.


I think I might be getting voxel withdrawal; I want to make stuff but I’m out of town. :cry: I don’t feel like seeing if updating Intel’s drivers will fix the error Qubicle throws when I try and load it on my Surface Pro so I’ll just cry in my bowl of non-existent :ice_cream:


Non-existant :ice_cream:? Thats even worse! But in all seriousness, I’m loving the tribal theme you’ve got going right now. And those swords are pretty dang awesome!


Didn’t have much time tonight to mess around with Qubicle but I had to work on something a little bit haha.

So here is my first pass for a basic tribal hut with tribal witchdoctor for scale; I think I want some more paint on the outsides. Maybe some more animal skins inside the hut on the floor and a sleeping skin. Not exactly sure quite yet.


Loving the folded back entryway, but I agree that the outside could use a little loving; maybe some yellow/blue details of a sun and water, basic symbols that get across that “native” feel…


would love to see the witch doctor a bit closer… he looks great from back here though! :+1: