Voxel Pirate´s Qubicle Creations


seeing what great work some others have already done with Qubicle in this forum… I want also to give it a try. After creating the “Standard Dude”, I have dressed him up a bit. Watch out, Ninja´s are coming…


Update: By request I have added a back view of the small fellow:

To be very honest… I have no idea how I can make this cute little
Asian rotate (at least not yet). So, even that you would never have a
chance to see his back (at least not while you are alive), let´s see
how this could look like… ^^

P.S. I do not have a feeling yet for how weapons in Stonehearth could
/ would look like, so nothing special.


yes! ninjaz! nice work @voxel_pirate… could we see him rotate, or at least catch a glimpse of that sword he’s wielding? :slight_smile:

the weapon is great (as is that excellent head band)…looks like a ninjato to me: Ninjatō - Wikipedia

its simple, unassuming… unassuming right through your gizzards… :smiley:

Actually working with Qubicle is quite some fun. Here a first version of a “bloody” Pirate.



brilliant… more please! :slight_smile:

how about a thief, or elf… how’s that for two completely random requests? :smiley:

ill get right to it i want see “lord of the ring”.

Thanks… on other “settings” (like an elf) I think we should leave some playground left for other artists to come :wink:

I like Pepe´s work, so probably I will try some additional things out first in the Ninja and / or Pirate setting. Maybe a treasure-chest, a small boat or some additional Pirates (to have a crew at the end of the day ^^). Let´s see…


great idea… some props for your existing units would be really nice!

What do Pirates need? Yes, a treasure of course…



if only i could give you some of that voxel gold, and secure all your future mod work…

Thanks for that offer, but I am already working on the Pirate Crew and believe me… they would NOT be amused :wink:

And they are not only not amused but also heavily armed… ^^


P.S. Tricky Voxel-Stuff… as I chose a rather small resolution, I have now troubles to design cannon balls :-/

Update: Exchanged the picture with a more recent one.


Nothing wrong with square cannon balls :smile:

Good work on the treasure and I love the detail on the pirate guy. (the ring is a nice touch)

He does need an eyepatch though.

Yeah, I also kind of like the treasure. Actually my plan is to create a whole “Crew”. So there should be a Captain, someone using the cannon, a slave (well, you do not want the Captain to row, don’t you ^^), etc. So I did not want to overdo it and put all the sterotypes into one character. But there will be also an eyepatch and maybe even a wooden leg and a hook :wink:

My first, larger model is done now (for the moment at least). The scene I would like to setup includes a small boat, with which the Pirates arrived at the shore. Working on larger models makes it difficult to fit to the Stoneheart-Style. I have created a short “tutorial”, how I have tried to solve this issue for the boat (without simply resizing the finalized product).

But here now the boat:


… and from another angle:



i really dont want to know who used to posses that skull… :wink:

I have “finalized” my work on the pirate crew I have had in my mind. Slowly, slowly trying to understand how all this works… quite some fun to play around ;-).

Here a picture of the captain (guess on which model he is based ^^) and his brave buccaneers:

And from another angle with some goodies:

Finally, in a scene with the Fortress Background I have introduced here:

Let’s see what is next… ^^


does he have a… peg-leg?

i so :yellow_heart: your skills…

Yer, well I :blue_heart: your skills.

Arrrrrrrrr this is a like a fine bottle of Rum! Get this course and i will show you the lovely peace after an successfully scavenge :smiley:

Thanks for the warm words. Still not where I would like to be. But how can you learn if you don’t play around ;-).

In the countdown-stream I have heard something which made me sad. Will there be really no cows in Stonehearth? Like never? No cheese, no chocolate… how can this be? So I have decided to design a cow next. Maybe, after several trys it might look sweet enough, so the powers to be will change their mind ^^.

Project: Milk for Stonehearth:


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