Hey guys. Look what I did just now

Hey guys. Been a while.
Just bought Qubicle Home Edition. Watched a Tutorial by Voxel Pirate.

My ‘Knight Girl’, posed in full voxel glory. c:
(Kinda hard to see that it’s a female, lol)


Wow, sugeii!!! Reminds me of that character from Game of throne.

Thanks. :smile:
I guess that’s good? hehe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! @voxel_pirate’s videos hasve been incredibly helpful for me as well. Your creation kind of looks like Joan of the Arc! :smile:

Perhaps you should consider participating in the Kickstarter competition!


Brienne? :stuck_out_tongue:

And wow nice work! I should go check out voxel pirate’s vids xD

Buying Qubicle is the best decision I ever made. <3
And yes, Voxel Pirate’s vids are awesome. :smile:
Though I wish he wasn’t so quiet during the videos, lol. (No, I am not bashing/ranting :stuck_out_tongue: )

Will probably make another posed figure today. :3

Brienne has blond hair not brown hair it looks more like joan of arc

see the similarities
also really good work @xSlacker love it one of the top models on the discourse definitely her positioning the detail what we need next is some movement


looks great. And yes, voxelpirates tutorials and blender add-on rock.

Thanks guys c:
Don’t think I will go at it with animation, lol.
But I’ll probably get on doing scenes.
Currently working on a Greatsword character.
Heck, had to make 2 matrixes for the greatsword, Qubicle won’t allow anything bigger than 50, lol. xD

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Nice Work, Hope to see more!

Heya, guys!
Here is my second blender project I just finished. :smiley:

“Grandmaster Malloy”
He wields the Greatsword with ease, even for a man in his age.
He is also the founder of the “Malloy Mercenary Fighting Style”.

Wanted to try and give a character an ‘aged’ look, I’m actully happy with the result. :smile:

EDIT: I also wanted to point out that I don’t pose the shoulders and fingers. I just made the hands as tied fists, for simplicity. :blush:


Absolutely love the models and the backstory. Definitely want to see more :slight_smile:

Feel free to create something for the Qubicle competition this month :smiley:

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Thanks. :smile:

Maybe I will. :wink: (that’s a BIG maybe)

He looks like a sensei.

pretty much what he is c:

Malloy again, in a Combat Stance. C:


WOWWOWO love them!!! they look so epic!!!

that is quite the manly mustache! very nice work @xSlacker!

Wow! Nice job, Malloy looks awesome!

New character in the works.
Bonus points if you get the reference :wink: