Slacking voxels

This here is my Voxel thread.
Mods have merged my old threads with this one, so you might find some of my old things here and there.
But I’ll keep my newest stuff this Opening Post.

Here’s something I’ve been cooking up in Qubicle.

After watching GuP (Girls und Panzer, it’s a fun animé, go watch it.) and playing WoT, I’ve had a thing for tanks, lol.
This one here you see above is the “Mark II”. It’s a light tank.
I went with a chibi look. (I should have made a crew member for scale, lol)

Here we have a “Floaty Body” character test.
Unoptimized obj export with smooth shading. Character consists of a Head, Body, Arms and Legs.
Had this one sittin’ around too long, finished it up as a prototype kind of thing.

Look! Another tank! This one is a little bigger.
“Mark IV” Medium Tank. Included a tiny tank commander and the Mark II for size comparison.

I’ll try to keep this thread updated with more of my Qubicle shenanigans.


This looks really cool, can’t wait to see more!

Any particular reason you made a new modeling thread when you have 3 already?

Click your icon in the top right corner, click your name in the drop down, and click the “Topics” button on the resulting page.

Or to save you a few clicks:


There’s actually one good reason for that sort of thing. I find that most people on the Discourse tend to check the New threads, and ones they’ve already seen before that show up in Unread, but very rarely do they check old threads from before their time on the Discourse that are updated, or ones they read before but read quickly enough for Discourse to automatically switch to Tracking, because those show up don’t show up in either New or Unread. Both my modeling thread and my story were hurt by this, as was @TurtleSquish 's play. Without new people coming into our old threads, feedback more or less died.

But you’re the mod here, so to merge or not to merge… that’s your call.

My reason:
Probably pure stupid laziness.
But, if you could merge those other threads with this one, I’d be very thankful, if there’s no problem with that.

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wait, you want the old ones merged with this one, or this one merged with the old?

The old merged with this one.
As in, bring the old in here to this thread.

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The Dark Knight Sword. :slight_smile:
First ever creation in Qubicle. :slight_smile:


I think it looks nice. What are you going to do next?

You can post pictures directly here by drag them in your post. :wink:
Nice sword :wink:

@mangarz Thanks. Actully, I don’t know… Maybe more swords, weapons and shields maybe. :slight_smile:
@Moe2212 Well I tried my copying and pasting the link but it gave me “New members can’t post pictures in their posts.” So I went with a link instead. :slight_smile: And thanks. :3

nice work @xSlacker! a very well done model you have there… :+1:

i took the liberty of editing your post, so the image would show up embedded…

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Thanks @SteveAdamo , it is my first attempt at qubicle (after I figured out an easier way to draw the models)

and thanks for fixing my pic. :slight_smile:

my pleasure… and the sword definitely has the SH vibe… unlike the over-sized toothbrushes i’ve managed to create…

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well i went with a Master Sword-ish look…
and please define “SH”? x’)

SH is StoneHearth, lol don’t worry when it was 1st used I thought they were shhushing someone, very good sword, may I recommend making the jewel (the blue bit im guessing is a jewel)stick out a bit

Hmm… I would… But I never saved the model (LOL!).
As it was just a test… But I will try do some more… and better. ^o^

sorry about that! :smile:

true… but i would have more appropriately used :speak_no_evil:


so… you just whipped that up basically… is that what you’re saying? why must i be so clumsy with qubicle?!? :cry:


Yeah… I just tried something with Qubicle and there you have it… A sword…
Teehee. :3


My newest creation: A Broadsword.


I made another one:

An “Evil Sword”. :slight_smile:

Sorry for making a double post. ^o^’