New to Quibicle and creating creations

hey new to the forums and wanted to show off the qubicle sword i made and wanted tips and stuff also its my first creation so looking forward to critisim and any tips you can offer.

can’t post a picture in so il just put the link in.

A sword i made i dunno if there are 2 handed weapons in Stonehearth but i made an odachi imbued with the power of fire as seen by the red lines.

Also i don’t really know how to make animals and stuff so if someone could ping me links to some tutorials/streams of other people creating animals/monsters/humans.

made a elemental hammer too although i couldn’t really get the elemental glow to be right :frowning: but i got some floating rocks around it and the green element inside the rock. gunna make some more weapons and post them in another update and some castle defences i.e. balista a wall mounted and a stand alone one. looking forward to feedback XD

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Looks good! Try varying your colour pallet a little. For example, adding another brown to the wood, and a lighter/darker grey might help it pop!..

hi @Xeno … welcome aboard! :smiley:

i took the liberty of editing your first post, so the image could be directly visible… you are off to a great start! @Froggy has some great advice, and he is quite the qubicle maestro… :wink:

did the changes you said on the hammer and gouged out the stone a little, made the iron near the green enrgys a bit tainted, moved some stuff around so it looks like its floating more and here is the revised hammer. any other changes you guys can think of.

think i may have goon a little over with gouging it out :S

definitely an improvement over your first attempt… its looking pretty nice! i dont want to know who or what will be wielding an elemental hammer though! :blush:

Some earth elemental demon or it could be a weapon for a defender made by a geomancer and a smith working together :smiley:. im trying to make a mini golem imp thing and even thats turning out to be annoying. I will post a picture of him when im done.