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just started myself and sure enough i made a sword too haha. why not try some tools or maybe an obscure weapon? like talon or something? :slight_smile:
im using an online editor myself as im on a MAC and i cant seem to find a decent editor which is compatible

I have no idea of the scale here i just purely guessed. as for the ice sword, maybe some more detail? and something to separate the hilt from the blade?

The fire sword by Jollins looks too much like a sprite. The flames look a bit too flat and static and look like they’re actually a physical part of the sword.

That sword of ichigo looks great :D. I can give you some tips that might help. First of all here is a carpenter who will appear in stonehearth Qubicle Creations . I didnt make it myself but it really helps to get the feelling for how big your things have to be.
Second try to keep things simple. Stonehearth has a very siplistic visual design so try to keep it simple and only add the most important detail.
I only made replicas till now so i cant give you any advise on how to design a object from your mind.
Last check out things others make. It can help you. Also check this topic: Qubicle: Tips & Tricks for beginners . It got some really helpfull tips.
Hope this helps you! :smiley: