Yangzhoui's Replica's

Hey guys i thought i make a separate topic cause i got a bit to many files to post on the Qubicle Creation topic. Hope to hear the feedback from you guys :3. In this post you will find my experience with creating items, my collection. The rest of the topic ill upload all my creations part by part and will awnser question if needed :). I will update this first post when i got new updates or expanded my collection so when you come back on this topic be sure to also check out this post :D.


Check below for a picture :wink:

Weapons are for me the most easy to craft cause their quite simple, logic and non organic. Here i will give you a kindof tutorial on how i make my weapons.

1 - When i start making weapons i first think what weapon i want ofcourse :P. I have only done replicas till now and don’t know if i am gonna make my own thing but for now i search for a existing weapon.

2 - Second i take the carpenter from @Chaze007 Qubicle Creations , and make just a plain white box about the max size of the weapon. Play around with the box till you have the right size. I personally take an uneven number of blocks so that i have a middle.

3 - Next i prefer to take the right side to start cutting. I take out the basic form of the sword. (sword 1 and 2)

4 - After that i take the top or front to shape the rest of the basics. (sword 3)

5 - Here i add the basic details. Usually no colors yet. Only sometimes some basic colors to indicate things.(sword 4 and 5)

6 - Now to add colors. First pick basic colors and add some more detail and/or edit some other details. (sword 6 and 7)

7 - Last i just keep adding and removing details and play around till i got the good colors and shape. (sword 8 to 14 and 12.2) Sometimes i have to re-scale the box to make it somewhat larger cause if i just move more of the handle to the blade the ratios of the sword would not look good anymore. (sword 15 and 16)

8 - When i think i am done i move the sword in the carpenters hand and if it looks good ill save and it is finished and else i go back to step 7 :D.

Hope this helps people :wink:

Swords number from right to left.


here i will tell what the basic is for how i make my weapons. will update soon :D.
Armor is really a hell to make xD. so much work x3

Collection and height

Link to my deviant art folder about stonehearth :3. : http://reiger2.deviantart.com/gallery/43872455

Edit i wil update post when i can give more info about stats or how i made it. I will update THIS post with my thoughts when creating this stuff :3.


Oke when i uploaded all the armor at once the who page lagged my pc out so sorry for all the replies i have to place :(.
I will lok if 2 at a time works :3.

Here is Erza Scarlets Lighning Empress Armor (all in separate parts)

Full armor + weapon

Full armor on basic char. (modded the carpenter from @Chaze007 )



The spear

The chest


The boots

The Headgear


The gloves

And this is a picture of the original outfit:

Its from the anime Fairy Tail

Hope you guys like it :D.


You are a great artist :slight_smile: Could I ask you to make a Link from LoZ OoT? Like when he was an adult with the Big Goron Sword?

Oh sure! thats a nice idea :D. And thanks :blush:.

It could take a few days cause i got my last exam this Tuesday :P. Depends on how much i am gonna learn tomorrow xD.
oh well here are the SAO replicas i made this morning:

Dark Repulser






Both on the carpenter like kirito




The weapon of asuna: This one was hard cause it is a quite thin and small weapon

Lambent Light

Carpenter + Lambent Light



Oh wow, thank you :smiley:

great conversion of these two characters! love the armor pieces… not so sure about the weapons, but i guess it’s anime style that the weapons have to be three times bigger as the knight who is waving them arround… haha :wink: looking forward to see more QC stuff from you!

There a little to big idd xD. But i couldn’t get them smaller and still good look alike. I am making a collection picture and a height picture and place them in the first post :3. And i could always make them a little smaller with the scale option in script but i am not yet scripting :P.

Ok I got the first part done: The sword. I also made a making off picture (see first post)

i know it is not the big goron sword but that one will come 2 :3.

Oke here is the biggoron sword. Dont know if it looks good cause there are some difrent pictures of it on the internet

Biggoron Sword

i made a mix of these 2

if you would like i can remove the kinda gap in the blade if you think it would be better for the sword :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is the shield :D. I personaly think the shield worked out very good :).

And here an image of the carpenter with both swords and schield


Wow thank you it looks good :smiley:

I finished Link! It was really fun to do :D. The hat was quite tricky but it worked out well :D.

Link wielding Biggoron sword and Hylian Shield next to the Master Sword

Original for the few ones who never heard of the legend of zelda:

Separate part will follow :3. I hope you like it :D.


Everyone! check out my first post in this topic i updated it with a collection Height chart and a mini tutorial.

Here 2 parts of Links Armor

The Boots

The Gloves

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Here are the next 2 pieces

The Chest

The Hat