Advice on Links Weapons


A couple of my attempts to make the Master Sword and Hylian Shield.


My advice is when it comes to weapons simplicity is a very good thing, making a sword too detailed will draw attention to the sword more than the character or battle, Try to simplify them a bit


another good set of replica swords… i like the blue-hilted sword the best form the lot…

@Pandemic has a good point though (if you are trying to create unique items)…

What kinds of weapons would you guys like to see

Nice items! Btw are they 2d or 3d? Anyway you did a good job be i agree that somewhat mor simplistic would fit better in the stonehearth style. I also made the sword and shield + complete armor of link. Here it is: Yangzhoui's Replica's
I made the same mistake so if you scroll down to post 28 you can see how i reworked them :3. Maybe it will help you :P.