Stonehearth Style am i doing it right?

alright before i push these changes in to my mod with the items i want your opinion about the Stonhearthification of the items. I did my best to keep as close as possible to the stonehearth style while not hurting the design in the procces.

Here 2 Stonehearthifications:





Let me know what you guys think of it!

EDIT slightly relocated the arm thing of the shield to fit the stonehearth shield standart


In my oppinion, the shield looks better and more fitting now. But I like the first swords design more.


I definitely prefer that second ice/crystal bow – the first one looks fragile and delicate (possibly quite appropriate for a weapon made of ice, glass or diamond), but the second looks more like it could be a threat to the target, rather than a mere annoyance.

As for the sword and shield, I think the sword’s taper is still a little too smooth/curvy for the Stonehearth style; most of the existing swords have tips which come down at almost 45 degrees. The shorter gladius style feels too… “pointy”, too long for a dagger but not bulky enough for a short sword.

It’s probably worth looking at the knight’s bronze sword, which has a rounded end like a rather short gladius. Even simply shortening each “step” of the point might be worth a try; swords generally come to a point quite quickly rather than tapering into a long and narrow point.

The extra highlighting on the shield really helps it to “pop” though, so it looks like a solid and chunky 3D shield.


Alright thanks for the feedback. @BarbeQ i get what you mean i like the design of the first sword more but looking at the style of stonehearth it just does not fit.

@YetiChow i made a new veersion can you tell me if you think this is better in the style. I took the longsword as example to do the style but i have taken a look at all swords and think it should be better now.

where the left sword is the new sword and the right one is the old one


It certainly does resemble the existing swords more closely, so if you want to literally match the style and design cues of the current weapons then I think your newer version does that very well.

However, I don’t dislike the older version either… I think it’s simply a case that the voxels don’t translate into a tapering point very well. The reason Stonehearth uses broadsword-style with a thick blade and an abrupt point at the end is that this style is easier to shade, and it looks more dangerous – a thick, weighty sword with a lot of power behind it.

Your version on the right does match the Stonehearth style pretty well, it’s just a question of how the sword will be used in combat. A sword like that looks like it’s for poking and stabbing, whereas a sword like the one on the left looks like it’s for hacking and slashing.

I actually prefer the hand guard and shading on the older version, since those make the sword look lighter and faster. Stonehearth has plenty of heavy swords already; the shorter and more agile style is a nice change of pace. I think that your basic style is fine; now it’s just a matter of trying different tweaks to get a cohesive design :slight_smile:

Summary: for that rounded end/point style, either make the blade a lot longer or a little shorter. If you want to go with a more angular end, you can still keep the “flat blade with inset edges” (think of the swords from the Lord of the Rings movies) shading style to make it look a bit different from the existing swords, which go for more of an “angled blade for splitting through armour” look.

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Thank you for the detailed feedback.
I cant use qubical for the next 24 houra cause i have aome tests in the hospital but after i go home i will make some ajustments and post a few version to show and see what people like best.

Peraonaly i think i will keep the handle as it is now while using the shading of the older vesrion and i will try out some other adjustments just to expiriment.


Alright i am home again and i did some tests. I would like the opinion of you guys!

For referance this is how the original looks like:

First for the model of the sword:

I personaly like number 2 in model the best. It resables the sword the best whilt staying close to the stonehearth style.

bodel 6 is the old model and model 5 the current in the mod

then for the colour:

Overall i like the last handle and blade. It was a gamble to go to the extreme colours of the skyward sword look and i found myself pleasantly suprised.

the 1sta sowrd has the original colours and blade version 2 is the stonehearth colour of steel directly taken from the game files.

let me know what you guys think!


I definitely like the look of those last two swords – and I think that the “middle-sharpness” curved end works really well. It’s not as fragile looking as the 3-block-steps version, but still gives an impression of roundness rather than an angular point. Of course the blue colour is interesting, but I reckon you might want to try an even brighter blue (around the colour of the in-game water) just to see how it turns out.

The evolution of your style has been really cool to see, the fact that you can crank out a bunch of variations and have them all look plausible is, to me, a sign that you’re figuring things out. This is just a start of awesome things to come!

Thanks again!

I tried it and i liked it i think i settle with this version for now. Here a small version of the stonehaerthification.

With the first sword on the left being my model of 2 years ago. The most right one is the one i am going with for now.

i might return to this post in the future if i have any doubts again but for now this helped me a lot getting the feel for the style and will try it out on other items aswell.

Tanks everyone who looked at it and gave it a hearth or gave feedback and special tanks to @YetiChow for the detailed feedback it helped a lot.


I once again call upon your help my fellow hearthlings.

I have this 2 handed badass sword and i think it is close enough to stonehearth style to have the stonehearth feel. It was not easy cause i did not want to take away any detail but i want to stay true to stonehearth.

I know that steel is normaly not black but i just find it look so baddass. still a game so just screw it.
it is a bit biger then the twohanded sword of stonehearth self. i am plaining on making it a lvl 6 footman weapon with really slow attacks but hits like a truck.

for the material colour i used the colours of excisting wood, bronze and gold

tell me what you guys think.


i really like this one! i love the shaping on it, and it captures the stonehearth look really well while still maintaining a good amount of detail and uniqueness

keep up the awesome work :smile: :thumbsup:


I love the colours, style and shape!

However, as always my critique will function of the “usefulness” of the sword – as far as I see it, one of the important things about Stonehearth’s style is that everything in it is believable and looks like it would work (even if it’s obviously powered by magic), and if you can match that was well as having really cool colours and shapes and so on then your designs will have that extra level of immersion.

So, the first thing I think about a sword like this is that it’s clearly built for swinging around in big arcs, slicing right through the target; so the double-edged blade is perfect for that. However, I feel like the flared-out end should either also have a sharp edge, or else it should clearly not just be an extension of the blade but some kind of weighted (and therefore thicker) counter-pommel balance… thing.

And again, the question of whether this is a flat blade with filleted edges or an angled blade with a central spine is nagging at the edge of my mind. The tang component that comes down from the cross-guard along the blade itself would suggest an angled blade; but your edges are currently highlighted as though the blade is flat…

Some really great advice I got from painting Warhammer models is to never make your blacks “just” black. It has nothing to do with the myth of “there’s no true black in nature”; rather it’s because the eye can’t really pick out shapes so well when the shape is just an area of black. I’d suggest you add some really dark charcoal grey “fading” around the edges, with pure black in the middle of the blade.

Thinking back to your older blades, that “broadsword” style with a central raised spine would, I think, work really well here. You could even make this blade a little wider, and then have your very thin and very bright highlight for the central spine, with similarly bright edges and an abrupt fade from that bright silver to dark grey and then a very dark charcoal. The same patterning could be used to imply that the end of the blade is thicker/meatier, so that the end looks a bit more dangerous and less blunt.

Reference image: Sword of Silence | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It’s obviously not quite the same shape, but that image shows how the blade could be angled along its length and then flare out at the end.


Trying what you said with the blade made it look a bit more realistic while still keeping the badass feeling.
I have made a few shades of darkness so can you guys tell me what you like best.

i like the shade of the 2nd or 3th the most. the 4th is the old model.

tanks again for the feedback! And i am glad that you guys like the things i make ^¢^


The second bow and first bow both have benefits. I really think the second looks too stock and 2-d; where the first is too straight and skinny. I would put a little more color contrast in too. Maybe some frosty white “pixels”? Is it supposed to be a short bow or a long bow? Long bows have a shorter distance between the string and handle than a short bow. The tips should also have an notch or something in them like so. You could use an off color for where the string attaches.

Original, Curve Up, Notch
[][][][] [][] [][] [][][][][]
[] [][] [][][][] [][][][][][][][][][]
[][] [][] [] [][]
[][] [][] [][]

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Thanks for the feedback! i was already working on it since i wan that as the next item to add. most files are already ready some last fixes and then i could push it trough. It took some longer cause i wanted a costum arrow with it. here is what it looks like right now. i added a colour for the point where the string attaches but dont know if i should make it even more stand out.

In comparisment with the older one i also made it somewhat shorter and added som extra details to make it feel more 3d. also increased the brightness of the secondary colour to stand out more.

it is even more awesome in 3d but i can not show that xD

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It looks hugely better.

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Thank you! ^¢^ i am also really happy with how it looks right now :smiley:

I think the second sword is my favorite. The first one has lovely contrast but it would feel out of place next to less shadowy armor.

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Wow, these look amazing! One side note though, Tom used to have a saying " keep it cute" . Less complex the better, and more simplified is Stonehearths way.


Thank you ^¢^
Yea true i try to keep as close to that as posible but i try to stay close to the original design as well. Getting detail in there within the stonehearth limits is my goal. Getting them to look unique while still feeling like stonehearth :stuck_out_tongue:
not always easy tho but i have you guys to help me with that :smiley: