[Mod] (A15) Armory Expansion V1.3

###Have you ever found yourself wishing there was more variation to your Stonehearth armor and weapons? Well then this mod is for you!

what this adds:

Armory Expansion will add a new style of every piece of armor and weapon in game, excluding the leather and cloth, for now everything has one new style, in the future i plan on adding even more variants.

the way i’ve gone about doing this is by having each base recipe now have a randomized result, so you’ll either get a stonehearth variant or one of my “fancy” variants.

except in looks, all the variants are the same as the stonehearth ones.

known issues

  • armor models are messed up

planned features

  • cloth armor variant
  • leather armor variant
  • bronze shield
  • helmets
  • more variants for all items

V1.3 download:



need to get the armor sorted out before i get screenshots…

a huge thank you to @Drotten for solving the problems i was having, and even more so for creating the randomized crafting script, this mod wouldn’t have worked the way i wanted it to if he hadn’t written that for me.

Note: this mod shouldn’t require any translation, as all the descriptions and such are stonehearth’s.

if you run into any problems/bugs please report them here in my thread!


Hey hey congrats on the mod!

Could i tempt you in adding it to the PraiseDB? :smiley:

Armory Expansion V1.1 released,

  • quick fix to the short sword files (thanks @Wiese2007 for reporting the problem)

if you’re using this mod you should update, otherwise my short swords won’t work.

[quote=“Shizuyori, post:2, topic:19121”]
Could i tempt you in adding it to the PraiseDB? :smiley:
[/quote]sure! can’t do that right now, but i will be able to do it later.

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Great! if you need any help please shout, i’m working on the site now to add some improvements :slight_smile:

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If you want/need any help with work on the mod, feel free to snag & utilize me

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thanks for the offer, but i think i’ll stay solo on this mod :slightly_smiling:

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Nice mod!
Can you upload some screenshots on the OP? :smile:

oh right, i forgot to do that this morning, just give me a sec.


bad wiese

just give me a sec.

9 mins later :smiley:


shhh!!! i’m discovering lots of positioning issues when going to take the screenshots… and it doesnt help that you’re distracting me either :wink:

okay… due to positioning issues screenshots will have to wait till later… sorry @Relyss :confounded:

if you want i could upload pics of the models themselves, just not in-game…


Using Window’s snipping tool to take screenshots of them in the program you use to develop them?

i would just use Magicavoxel’s built in render function.

Are you pausing the game to take the screenshots?
Or is it that it’s difficult to get the camera on a good angle?

yes i do pause the game.

[quote=“Relyss, post:13, topic:19121”]
Or is it that it’s difficult to get the camera on a good angle?
[/quote]sorry, i should have been a bit clearer, the issue is with the some of the armor and weapons being positioned wrong, not the camera position.


Now on PraiseDB! :slightly_smiling:


Any screenshots yet? Would love to see what they look like before downloading ^-^

i may or may not have played A14 instead of taking screenshots… :eyes:

would pictures of the models be fine… i dont really want to load up A13 again to get pics… i’m lazy :sweat:

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That would be perfectly fine ^-^ I just want to see how they look :stuck_out_tongue:


alrighty, give me a moment to collect all the pics.

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alrighty, first up is the shields,

Wooden, Iron, Steel

Bronze, Iron, Steel

bronze mace, bronze sword, iron mace, iron pike, longsword, shortsword, two-handed sword.

btw, all credit for the blade design of the flamberge (two-handed sword) goes to @chimeforest!

i’ll probably say a bit more about everything when my brain is more awake…