Armis Maximus Mod v5.0 May 6 [A23 / A24] - On Steam Workshop

The Armis Maximus Mod simply recolors most of the existing armors to match the banners in Signery Mod and adds a bunch of new armors and weapons to the game.


armis_maximus.smod v5.0 Tested with Stonehearth A23/24.

v5.0 - The Cleric update!

Finally got around to actually fixing and coding the upgraded cleric armor which come with a buff to increase healing.


Also add the cleric a piece of hardware that will likewise boost their healing.


Finally added some buffs to the fine armors (black / white) to increase their usefulness.

v4.1 - The @dalabo update!

Special thanks to @dalabo for finding all the errors. This small update fixes recipe category issues, damage reduction on the blade’s main gauche and reduced damage on the bows.

v4.0 - Return of fine armors

Update to add back in the fine armor sets. They give an additional damage reduction. Also added in 3 axes: bronze, iron and steel.



v3.8 - The Blade needs no shields

Small patch to ensure that the Blade does not equip ANY of the shields.

v3.7 - Enter the Blade

So it has been a while and after a bunch of testing I am introducing a new class called the blade. He is a significantly softer knight but can still hold his own. The talisman requires a potter and herbalist to make the required components. Hopefully this assists the RC folks who have a very difficult time on hard. Also ALL the potter’s weapons now have a clip ability to briefly slow an enemy. A few warriors with these weapons and the target will have a very difficult time getting away.


v3.6b - And yet another small fix

Corrected the placement of the shields on the model as the offhand and leftArm slot are slightly different and was causing the shield to look more like a buckler.

v3.6 - Another small fix

Another small update to correct the slot placement of some of the shields.

v3.5 - Small update to recipes

Another small update to add actual effort to the recipes as well as realign the base requirements with those of the vanilla armors and weapons.

v3.4 - Small update to recipes

Just a really small update to organize the armor from this mod into their sets.

v3.3 - Update to fix poor use of tags

Fixed a few bad tags which would allow your herbalist to reuse the tonics in recipes that would require herbs…such as themselves.

v3.2 - A23 Clay Weapons

Well you asked and they are in there…along with a few fixes. You WILL need an herbalist to make the tonics in order to cure the clay in order to weaponize it. Currently they are available via both kingdoms but I think I will eventually limit them to only the RC as they seem more spiritual. Please let me know if it seems unbalanced. I may also create a knight’s talisman and other armors if I get feedback that there is interest. Please also note that these are for A23 only and have not been tested in previous builds.


v3.0 - A23 Test Build / A22 Stable

Two downloads one of which is for A23 and the other for the current stable build A22 with small updates to correct descriptions.

v2.7 - Small Patch

Small patch thanks to @Kittyodoom for her report! Again sorry for the lapse in quality control.

New in v2.6 - Small Recipe Update and Bows


Just a small update to add a pair of recurve bows and fix the archer’s leather recipes to clearly show they create both the hood and vest.


New in v2.4 - Weapons and Archer Armor


Weapons to go with the Black / White sets or whichever. They equate to the same damage types as the vanilla weapons with the exception of some of the fine weapons.

Bronze Sword
Short Sword
Long Sword
Iron Pike
Two-Handed Sword

Archer’s Leather Armor

Cleric Armor

New to version 2.2


Black and white set are now complete (with the exception of the cleric/archers). Below is a sample of the complete sets.





Version 1

Original Content

Some of what this mod adds:

Additional Blue Armors

Additional Green Armors

Additional Red Armors


Download the .smod and copy/save it into your Stonehearth\Mods directory.


Add a final version of the Archer and Cleric sets.
Add trophies.
Possibly add more clay based weapons and armor.


While I don’t anticipate any please post issues here and please be sure to add the version you are using.


These look pretty good mate, looking forward to your other stuff.

First look at the black padded cloth armor and…

white padded cloth armor with their wooden shields.

Please let me know what you think.


This look amazing great job on making this :smiley:

Looks awesome! Finally something for the Rayas children!
Looking forward to see what you come up with next. :merry:

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more weapon please for my squad :grin:

oh…The armor was in a seperate mod… i forgot @stonemonkey :see_no_evil: But i guess you caught what i refered to in the other thread? :smile:

If I have two knights and craft one red and one blue armour set is there a way to force a Hearthling to wear the whole set? I guess there isn’t.

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I JUST noticed that the name on the “normal leather armor” was reinforced leather armor… So there is the answer to why the hearthlings prefered it over the red ones i had made them.
There is just no way to visually tell them apart? And i guess i havent unlocked that recipe yet.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Awesome question! I wish. We have asked the devs in the past for a way to set armor types to a squad or by some other method. If there isn’t anything shortly I’m going to look into a way to be able to set some sort of preference color wise and possibly by armor type. The logic can get really squirrelly and I would have to insert code into the pre-existing armors already in the game unless someone can think of a better way.


So the armor was from a different mod? I recently posted the default iLevel for the default items so if they are above mine they will be chosen. All of mine are currently .1 above those defaults in a partially vain effort to keep your hearthlings from picking up those standard items. I also have a couple of “fine” items that are sitting at .2 above and those armor items will only be for the top of the class’ armor.

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Those are coming next :slight_smile:

thank you, this must be awsome :grin:

nice addition nice look hope more from you creation :grin:

See that might be the issue, i really didnt know that the armor was included in another mod. The mod i suspect the armor to come from then, must be “roll for need”. Maybe you two should have a conversation on the overlap?
I would prefer the colors of Armis Maximus over better armor stats… Not that i dont want better armor stats… :smile:

Thanks Stonemonkey.

These are great! I think the blue armors should be part of the base game, to be honest, they look so nice!

One thing I’ve always regretted was that I liked the old, legacy iron helmet (now the knight helmet with the plume) for footmen, because I quite enjoyed that iron helmet with leather armor for that town guard or militia look. Any chance you can add in the legacy iron helmet as a color-neutral headgear for footmen?

Keep up the great work!

There is a small update coming. I accidently blew away the recipes and localization when I made the .smod. Should be corrected shortly. Sorry.

Yes I know Roll for Need has hardened stuff as well. I will take a quick peek under the hood. Thanks.

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Update has been posted. Sorry for any issues.

just some suggestion to throw in…

any chance on using varanus skin as the main material for an armor set?
how 'bout those ogre bones?
stonehearth already has silver plating set, how 'bout a gold set?
or chicken feather set just for fun. :laughing:

excellent mod btw :+1:, looking forward in your future plans.