[MOD] stonehearth: combat balance r122.0.3, Updated 8/30/2014


r122.0.3 released 8/30/2014

Hey all wombat here, I present a mod to balance out combat a little.

Download Link:


  1. Download the zip.
  2. Open the mod folder in your stonehearth local content.
  3. Extract the zip to this location.
  4. Play!


  • Goblins have less hit points.
  • Cloth armor adds +10HP
  • Leather armor adds +20HP
  • Shields are equippable, +20HP and increased chance to block. This will stack with either armor type.
  • Added the sergeants cape, adds +20 willpower (+20HP), creatable at
    the weaver.
  • Goblins blobs now smaller.
    -Added the militia spear, workers use it in combat.

I’m not 100% on the increased block chance, it appears to working but if anyone wants to run some test and see that would be great.

Changelog:[MOD] stonehearth: combat balance r122.0.3, Updated 8/30/2014

[Questions] Some questions about the mod barriers
Post your Alpha 4 Screenshots!
Was just slaughtered by the biggest goblin raid I've ever seen
Day Two Worker Suit Error

cool will try it out


And yet again Wombats ascend the hierarchy of awesome… hug a wombat today!

Cheers for the mod.


How do I get this mod?


Download it and drop it into your Stonehearth mods folder. If you are on Steam and Windows 7 go to your C drive then program files (x86) then steam then steamapps then common then stonehearth then mods


Btw would it be okay if i make a Video of this mod tomorrow? i am going to start doing that more soon as stonehearth gets biger


Thanks a lot! This’ll be my first mod download and hopefully will lead to many more


WOW thanks a lot this is epic now my guys do not get killed so quick i have one dude with a shield and leather armor and he is doing just fine . . . . . . so far lol


wow… excellent work @Wombat85! will definitely give this a go tonight…

+5 internet points to you sir! :smile: :+1:


added instructions to install. Thanks for the positive feedback all. Of course you can video it.


Paiging @Swift_Cube

Dang very nice job! I’ll have to find some time to test it out :stuck_out_tongue:


r122.0.2 uploaded 8/22/2014

Added the sergeants cape.
Added the small shield buff icon.


screenshot, or it didnt happen… :stuck_out_tongue:


will try out now :smile:


Welp, i’m sold. Wasn’t going to try this as i’ve not had trouble with goblins… but capes? Yes please.


just going to leave this here:


WHAT!?!? Are you saying it’s possible to give my samurai sashimono (flags) if I wanted too. o.O


I hope you realize this just opened a lot of barriers of what people can do THIS early, I dont think this has been done yet. Good on you.


Ive explained elsewhere how to do it but for the render type you just use:

“stonehearth:equipment_piece” : {
“slot” : “torso”,
“render_type” : “attach_to_bone”,

With the slot as the part of the skelton you want to attach to. Look in the skeleton file for the list of available locations.


So this meant that it didnt matter that the models were even?