[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Combat Tuning!

Tom and the team are tuning the combat for the ‘Revenge of the Goblin’ update :smile:


now we will really need optimization to handle more citizens to fight the goblins new attack force

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Does this mean you will re-adjust the level for carpenter to make a shield? as it is can’t make it until level 4 which can take awhile.


Yay, I guess. If they still use the same spawning mechanic though, you could lose several workers while waiting for your footmen to figure out that you are under attack when the goblins spawn in your fields, or in your pasture, etc.

Very cool stuff. I am totally one of those players that rarely makes more than 1 footman when i play, it should be interesting to see how much this changes my play style.

Revenge of the Goblins

'nuff said… :smile: :+1:

Just as long as we are not attacked by Killer Tomatoes.


… by which time my smith can already make better defensive stuff… :slight_smile:

They’ll beat you, bash you, squish you, mash you
Chew you up for brunch
and save the rest for dinner or lunch?

*whistle * or you change easily the required lvl in the json-file whistle

I changed the random starting stats for my hearthlings and figured it wouldn’t add to or create another bug but that’s about as much as I know about lua or the json files.

Umm off-topic, but I don’t know where to ask… Is the stream still on tonight? @Geoffers747 / @SteveAdamo I’m debating staying up late for this one

yes sir! 6 PM PST… :+1:


:sob: everytime i cant see them … then its here 3am


just open stonehearth\jobs\carpenter\recipes\wooden_shield_recipe.json with the editor and set “level_requirement” : from 4 to 1 -> fini

about the lua-files dont mess with them they are very important and every little change can get lots of bugs :wink:

Just be glad they are archived and you can watch them later!


yes fortunately! but its not the same … so i cant get tom an his nerves with my questions :wink: ok I admit when i have questions i can ask our lovely @sdee ^^

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