[Dev Blog] Here Come the Goblins! Steam Latest Branch Updated to develop-2283


I’ve been waiting for this one!


YAY! Whoopie! Yahoo!

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Awesome! They will never let me get bored, will they? :cold_sweat:

Gold you say! very nice!

Yay! nly now I have to wait, like, 6 hours until I can go home from work and install it :frowning:

one hour till I’m home from the gym…

two and a half hours till kids are in bed…

three hours till I’m blissfully smashing goblin noggins… :rage:


I’m sure you can find something to ground them for. Early night for breathing.


Anyone figured out how to destroy goblin buildings yet? My footmen just like to sit in the enemy camp and gloat…

I can loot their stockpiles though, so that’s nice!


im loving all the new UI’s :smile:

one question, does every world have a goblin camp?

edit: and if it does, are they visible from the start or are they like ore veins?

I’ve never ever seen an ore vein, so I hope not, otherwise I’ll never find the camp :-/

if you send some hearthlings exploring into the mountains you should start to see ore veins appear, they aren’t visible until, your hearthlings are a certain distance from them.

Gameplay is way better all around, everything just works better, great job!

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With their demand of 76 wood and 34 berries, I decided to fight them… the third wave was three marauders – they took out my only free villager. After wave 5 or 6, I decided that suiting up my second footman with leather was risking another set of marauders at my doorstep so I added everyone to my raiding party, sent them in, then activated town defense mode.

2 losses, but the goblins got what they deserved! I also got a bone axe out of it. This ought to keep the game exciting :smile:


I know when there is an update just by the number of mails I receive in comparison to the previous days. :smile:

(Bugs, bugs everywhere…)

Let’s see…