No interaction with Goblins


The goblins do not interact with me. A goblin camp spawned nearby but I’ve never received any demands. In a later stage the undead spawned near the goblins, which I killed. There now is zero interaction with the goblins. I want to kill them :frowning:

My army consists of a level 3 archer, level 4 knight, level 4 footman, and level 3 cleric. When I sent them to the goblins, nothing happens.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build an army
  2. Attack the goblins
  3. Nothing happens

Expected Results:
Any interaction with the goblins. Either through combat or by getting demands.
Actual Results:

Version Number and Mods in use:

No mods. Release-610 (x64)

System Information:

Windows 10 (x64)
GTX 970

hey there @Lawbringer, welcome to the discourse :smile:

just want to double check, what kind of goblin camp was it? was it one of the little camps consisting of just a firepit, or was it the big one with the tents and such?

It is the little camp with just the campfire and the bigger camp with the chieftain(?)

This is the bigger camp:


It feels as if I have traveled the entire map but have not encountered tents.

hmm… well the reason you can’t fight them is probably that they’re still neutral with you, but that fact that the larger camp didn’t spawn with the tents/huts is slightly worrying… paging @linda @yshan, any idea/reason why the large camp wouldn’t spawn tents?

Just to be sure, I checked the entire map. It is day 3 of dewgum and no tents to be found.

Can’t you break the progression if you don’t click on their message? I see you have 3 notifications there. Any chance one of them is the goblins trying to talk to you?

If a whole bunch of things happen almost at once, you can lose messages in the queue, or be focused on something else and not notice them. I miss so many messages all the time :stuck_out_tongue:

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Perhaps you’ve missed the bulletin where the goblin chief comes in and asks for items. Like MostlyLost mentioned, it might be in your notifications. If not, could you possibly attach your save so I can investigate further?


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I just checked. None of my notifications are concerning the goblins. I tried to upload my savegame in a zip file. But I get an error message “Sorry, new users can not upload attachments.”

sorry about that! i’ve bumped you up to TL1 so you should be able to upload it now. :slight_smile:

Thank you.

Here is my savegame

1471985330192.7z (4.9 MB)

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It looks like something caused the encounter to be interrupted while it was in the middle of spawning the camp. So it never finished placing all the camp pieces and didn’t spawn the next encounter. Did you happen to see an error before this happened?

In the meantime, I’ll be adding some safe guards so that if the camp creation never finished, it will try again on load.


Oeh, now that you mention it… I did encounter an engine error message but I disregarded it and didnt think about it anymore.

Stonehearth is auch a stable and playable game I sometimes forget it still is in alpha. Next time I will save all error messages.


Well, I feel ya man. I encountered your problem alswell…
Well sortof. I got past that part just Fine, but when the goblin army should have spawned, it simply didnt…

Just to knock it out of the park Right away, no I didnt see an error message and Yes I went through the dialogue.

Seems like i have the same thing :
When i try to attack the campfire, nothing happen… :confused:
Do you think the bug will be fixed without deleting my world?
I hope yes :confused:

After the dialog, they are neutral to you for a while. Then at some point, they come back for the stuff they reclaimed.

However the camp not spawning correctly is indeed a bug.

I remember that at the beginning of my village I could destroy goblin’s campfire

It’s very awful i can’t get thoses tokens :frowning: