Goblin peace (also aplies to the undead)

Im playing the latest build on steam X64 -549

Steps to reproduce:

  1. meet the goblin with the fancy hat.
  2. give him what he requests.

Expected Results:
just peace with the goblins.

Actual Results:
peace with goblins and the undead gained peace with them too.
Soon as the peace was broken a big fight broke out between the undead and the goblins.



Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods used

System Information:


Sooo… The undead didn’t fight you?

Goblins turn neutral to everyone when peace is proclaimed. And when broken, them vs. the goblins is normal. It is normal that the undead or any creature will ignore them as enemies. This was to prevent inadvertently getting the goblins breaking peace without your say so.

I have not experienced anything wrong with this, and my goblins are in everlasting peace with me. Then again I have been playing on a game that goes back to the late dev stages of A14.

Does the undead send out attacks towards you, Does the undead attack any of your people? That is something that should be happenning. Goblins are irrelevant during peace time, as they are at peace, and for the moment intended behavior far as I know.


hey there @lios, welcome to the discourse :smile:

this sounds like the normal behavior to me… @Tamorr actually covered all the questions i was going to ask, so if you could answer those that would be great :slight_smile:


It seems like normal behavior but I understand why he saw it as a bug. It would make sense for Undead to always-aggressive to all living factions, regardless.


Idk about the undead raids. as soon as I saw my hearthlings chill between the undead and the goblins I called them all back home and sealed of the exits. Here is a screenshot. It does not show it all but there where 2 giant zombies between the fancy hats camp and 3 normal goblin campfires. My home base is to the right of this. And I don’t recall any fighting there with the civil hearthings, (I only had one level 3 soldier with a wooden practice sword.)

This will also be an issue as more factions are added to the game. “Peace” can’t just be binary – there needs to be peace vs. kobolds, peace vs. goblins, etc.

edit: weird this post got added to the wrong thread, not the goblins/undead peace bug thread

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@Hieronymous, seeing your edit, i just moved your post over here to the correct thread :slight_smile:


Undead raids are different from the chest guarding ones… they spawn in like wolves do, and later eventually have a building spawn in where they stream from at night sometimes, if close enough.

Giant zombies… Seem like a different classification in a way. I have seen workers able to pick up stuff around them, that is for sure. Don’t know if that is intended.

However when a soldier is near the soldier will immediately attack them. Chest and all. That I believe is intended.

Workers aside, have any of your soldiers gone to attack when close to them; if they ever got close…?

It is intended with the goblins though. That things will be neutral towards them when in peacetime.

The only thing that can be questionable is workers being near them, but since they are not attacking the big zombies; in a way it makes sense. Still unsure if intended. the big zombies are just guarding the chest after all and usually that would initiate a counter attack if chest is touched.

How close do soldiers get? or are they usually on opposite side of town? their patrolling zone that is? Cause could be that the soldiers are far enough away that they just don’t care if big zombie there or not, or rather not in noticeable range.

I did not have any soldiers come close to it. it was a hotspot of 2 giant zombies and about 10 or 12 goblins (with the boss goblin too. my guy would not have stand a chance against that with only 3 levels and starter gear. I guess my town was about 50 or 70 blocks away from this… it never lured my soldier in.

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Well then at least that part is working as intended. As that is far enough away to not spot roughly.

The only thing I really don’t know about is the workers not being attacked, but at least it makes sense, since those are more or less guardians of the chests.

therefore most likely since no one attacked them or went after the chests, the zombies probably didn’t care.

Unsure about this but it is possible the big zombies are just different from the actual undead hoards faction. After all they are ones left like a golem to guard said treasure and not exactly the place around the treasure. At least in the films I have seen. But once the treasure is touched they will retaliate.

I think only the devs at this point could say one way or the other about the worker part, but for the most part things seem to be going according to design; from what you described.