Friendly Neighbours [Not a Bug]

I had no idea what topic this would go under, as this is my first time posting on a forum [admins, feel free to point it out / change it]

Hi, all.
I managed to get a potential End-War scenario appear in one of my games [Map seed 1231996], and I have a few questions about it

  1. Is this supposed to happen?
  2. If it is, are the Undead and the Gobs supposed to go to war [they didn’t in the save I sourced this from]
  3. If they are supposed to attack each other, will an undead killing the Warchief trigger the “Ogo Warning” speech?
  4. If they aren’t supposed to automatically attack each other… can we encourage them to :smiling_imp:?

That’s it for now, but I’ll probably be bugging you with more later :slightly_smiling:


1 - To be so close? It really doesn’t matter for the player at the end.
2 - Depends if they are neutral or not.
3 - Yes.
4 - Hardly.

What happens is they are neutral to each other only when you are neutral with goblins, exactly to avoid they killing each other and triggering your campaigns. Lose your goblin diplomacy and they get angry with everyone again.


Thank you for the quick reply :slightly_smiling:

hey there @AcheronTyrannus, welcome to the discourse :smile:

gameplay fits best for this, since its the “intended” behavior.

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This direct comparison raises another question: Why do the goblins have that sexy green firepit, but the undead are stuck with their regular, boring, old orange torches? :smiley:

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Agreed. Maybe the Undead could have a pale bluish-purple as their Faction Flame colour

I have no idea why, but I have always associated this sort of colour with Undead…

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