[Dev Blog] Desktop Tuesday, Combat Campaigns!


Also, new logo looks pretty interesting!


you forgot to tag it development :P,

nice update cant wait till its implemented, tho i would like water first but thats just me

I had just fixed that… while Steve was fixing it. Weird

fixed… :smile:

seconded! :smiley:

ninja’d! :wink:


This is absolutely awesome :slight_smile:
Can’t wait for the chieftain to show up demanding tribute. (Which of course will be answered with blood and steel)

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oh Olgi… how long will you mock my settlements! no longer shall we live in fear of your magnificence! :smile:

“natural order mean you give me stuff and I no dees-tro-you”



Playbale race goblins :grin:

WoW nice update, little rpg elements … hmmm can I marry a man or girl from my little people to the goblin chieftain? :smiling_imp:

Opens a great way for mods to create other camps to rival you, makes the game a looot more harder with like 10 camps on you.

Huzzah! An active world simulation of opposing camps. Can’t stress enough how excited I am to play with this system implemented. :smile:

On another note, with this type of system, I can only hope that a Redwall mod pops up some day.


seconded… I cant wait till some of our modding elite get their hands on the new tools! :+1:

well, color me intrigued… :smile:


Actually, I have a plan to make a rival camp mod m’self. Working on the models now. Barely any work done on both weapons & models but… : Screenshot by Lightshot

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I can’t wait! I noticed that Olgi acted like a footman and patrolled the stockpile, maybe other goblins could do that too…?


@tom said in one of the streams that it wouldn’t be coming until alpha 11 or after

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Man I can’t wait for water! I’m already gonna get my fisherman outfit at the ready!

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That brings a whole new definition to the word “dedicated”. Actually changing clothes to fit the jobs of your Hearthlings. :smiley:


Heh, also I was thinking of Northenmen Alliance outfit & perhaps a mod for that.

The LoGo looks very cool. But I sort liked the old one . . . maybe I will come to like this one dunno.

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I thought that would pique your interest. We’re already getting the basics for Long Patrol hares soon, it’s not too large of a leap to hope this can be expanded upon. :smile:

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Hopefully everything like this will be toggleable. I sort of liked the old enemy system.

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@Deonyi I’m hoping we get some sort of mix. After all, some monsters can’t come from camps. When was the last time you ever saw a weresheep camp or a Cthulu camp?

I love the new camps, but I’m slightly upset by this Desktop Tuesday. How come goblins can build more complicated stuff than I can?