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On account of me traveling for work, there will not be a Desktop Tuesday next week. As the majority of the team is working on performance, and will be for a while, there isn’t too much to show in a video anyway. Desktop Tuesday will return on Tuesday, 5/29. In the meantime, streams should continue as usual at 6:00pm PST on Thursdays. See you there!



“Blarghereklflkjflkjg” <- Initial Reaction


They’re really cute! I really like the archer one specifically, their faces look so poofy in a hood. (Now I want to see some rabbit cultists)

I was also interested in the furniture. Some of it will look really good with those new red and green colours that have been added to the new builder.


I would really love to play with them!!!


A part of me want to see a scene where hearthling cultists are chanting in front of a bunny statue to summon the big bunthulhu and then a door opens on the side of it and an angry bunny comes out like “Could you shut the f*ck up and get off my lawn!”

I love the rabbit clan and I hope we get to see as much as possible of them and their culture in the game. @sdee Any possibility of an expansion after release with them as a playable kingdom? I mean, if we can have them in our town on release and you’re adding more under ground stuff for the dwarfs then a playable bunny kingdom and campaign shouldn’t be a big leap right? Yeah, I know, it could always be done as a mod, but I’m interested in the Radiant version.
Also, what’s your thoughts on post release paid expansions in general? Is it something that you’re hoping that you get to do or are you looking forward to doing entirely new games?


Ohhhh, Clan Amberstone is really cute! :slight_smile:

Just a small suggestion … or a request?

Using the basic Hearthling animations is completely viable of course … but could you add an eventual “hop” or two every now and then? I mean … they are BUNNIES after all! :smile:


Hopping should be their “happy movement” animation.


I’m super excited to see this content come up again. I recently came back to the game because of all of the amazing features and fixes being added in and found myself wondering at the loading screens “Where are the bunnies?” I was hoping they hadn’t given up on the idea.

That said, I would LOVE to see these guys as a playable faction. They are so cute! I can imagine all kinds of cool bunny inspired villages I could build, and those furniture ideas looked amazing. I really love the inspiration from Japanese architecture, color, and culture.

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I think the general idea is that you can earn some bunny villagers through a quest event. This could change, of course


Please tell me there will be underground exploration to find and visit these guys.


… >.>

I want them as a playable race.

'Nuff said.

Going back to mumble about the eternally sleeping bunneh god over by this moss-covered statue now.

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Thanks for all the thoughts!

We currently have no plans to do any paid content beyond the game you can already buy on steam/HB


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