2018 Update Tuesday Factions

so in today’s desktop tuesday the devs said that they had the northern alliance as the last playable faction left to be added to the game but isnt there gonna be dwarves and other stuff that they promised or are those scrapped???

i think the ones they said were like dwarves goblins and one other playable faction race

Dwarves are a post-release faction.

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oh… ok… i guess that makes sense… kinda disheartening… hopefully at some point before launch we at least see some concepts/concept art???

They’ve shown a model for a dwarf a long time ago, though the design may of course have changed since then and change even more before release.
Goblins was never supposed to be a playable race. Many have suggested/wished it and a group of modders are currently working on it.
The bunny faction has been planed since the kickstarter, though they are not playable, just a friendly faction. We have seen the models for them in game i a dev stream long ago. I think they mentioned in this Desktop Tuesday that they will continue working on them this year.


i keep watching it and i dont hear mention of the dwarves, i hear mention of the 3rd human faction the northern alliance but if you could like give me the specific time area because i might be missing it

also i said goblins because it says that one the wiki which i quick checked for the names and such for certain things and noticed goblins so i mentioned them so if they really arent being added sorry bout that

These were in really old streams (Back when Tom used to stream).

I did a quick search in both twitch and the youtube page and couldn’t find the videos… so instead, have some bunny people.

Edit: I found this though! The old dwarf model from years back.

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yeah i hope they update the models a bit though those look a bit outdated/early concept but yeah i cant wait to see them in like 2-4 years hopefully

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