Promised Features and Worries

So there’s a lot of promised features that a long time ago seemed like they were about to be added to the game like the northern alliance, geomancer, the magma smith and the dwarves |

and in a desktop tuesday a while back i remember them mentioning this in which they said that they were delaying working on them because of game quality reasons aka the stuff they were adding was buggy and didnt feel done so they opted quality over quantity until this stuff is better which is nice/good and i agree with ive just been wondering some things

  1. are you guys still going to add those eventually i wouldnt worry due to you guys promising to add it/and it was a kickstarted goal but i’m also kinda worried you’ll run out of your games budget by then/the game finishing so im just wondering if anything like this (big content like these anyways) will be added eventually or even relatively soon (like within the next year or so?)

  2. did you guys completely stop work on things like these or are you guys still doing concepts in spare time for them or are you gonna start doing so soonish

  3. anyone else excited for this stuff and whether or not you are thoughts on the stuff and this situation???

They still do concepts on those, there was a lot of new biome sketches in the stream and the ice land for the north aliance was there.

The video will start right at the ice biome part, but feel free to scroll back a little or see it all.

aw sweet that looks awesome i gotta say the northern alliance and dwarves are my biggest hype builders i cannot wait for them

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