Northern Alliance?

So, as i bought this game i knew there was gone be 3 ‘‘factions’’, my question is if anyone have a idea of when we get the northern alliance (im heathen myself so… i kinda really want em haha!)

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(i been wanting to make a account but i never had a reason)
( i started to play around A13)

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soon™, whatever the case I hope it is in the next few alphas

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I saw in the source files last night there was an Arctic map, but honestly I cannot speak as to if that has any bearing on anything or not.

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Oooo, - artic map! thats intresting :smiley:

haha thanks!

All we can do is to hope :confused:

From the progress rate we have, I would guess maybe in 3 alphas? Depends on their priorities.


They’ll probably release it after RC is finished like they did with the first one

though maybe not when RC is “finished”, i would definitely be guessing later down the line, as having to balance and add content for 3 kingdoms could get a little “messy”

@8BitCrab Well at the time Ascend was finished as far as the advancement allowed RC was released but now the expansion quest thing came out to become a “Town” both alliances were updated and Alpha 19 iirc released RC tier 2 blueprints right? so my theory is here in the next update or so(Alpha 20 or 21) we may see the start of Northern Alliance

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there will also be dwarves… the only non-human race added… but they wont come until after the game is fully released.

They did say something about wanting to release the… animal tamer(i think)?

But it was very “northern alliance”-y so they were debating on waiting to release both at same time or release separately?

Judging from this kind of talk it sounds like it should be relatively soon.

Maybe spring 2017 at latest?

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Just i that heard during their new desktop tuesday they said ‘‘yeti’’ and had artwork done?.. - it’s confirmed they’ll come soon :smiley:

errr… from what i understand the yeti doesn’t have it’s artwork done yet, they were just thinking about possibility’s for the other biomes

maybe the “yeti” is just an other skin for the ogre…
time will show :slight_smile:


They just mentioned that they had a concept in mind, not that any work was done. Or even started for that matter.

I’m hoping that they introduce weather and seasonal mechanics soon. That’s really the best way I see them differentiating the Northern Alliance from the others.
(Because why else do I have 50 cold weather outfits sitting in a chest?)