Snow North Alliance release

So I was wondering when the snow biome/northmen alliance will be added they look like they/the biome will be one of my favorites the reason I ask is I’ve looked all over and can’t find a generally time for it soon later or a while away I don’t know

dunno…i dont think anyone really knows… but they do sound cool… like norse/viking esque warriors… probably favoring hunting over farming(since you cant really farm in the cold) its bound to be interesting.

Well, right now, as far as i know, the northern alliance is not planned any time soon, the main reason being that the team is small, and it seems like it’s pretty tough to keep Rayya’s up to date with the game with the default balancing kingdom being the Ascendancy, (basically, it takes time to tweak Rayya’s to match the standards of the Acscendancy)

I doubt it’ll be any time soon, since new features are constantly being pushed.
I’d expect it to release after the game is more complete, but i’m not a Dev, so i could be wrong

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Just for the historical record vikings are farmers and traders, more than hunters and raiders !

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