[Dev Blog] - Desktop Tuesdays, Item Icons! Also, Please Excuse Us While We Go Run This Giant Tournament


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imagine my surprise at refreshing the site, and we had an early update! :+1:

and i think i met my requisite “squeeee!” quota for the day while looking at those new icons…

oh, and heck yeah!

we can define a recipe, tell a crafter to go build it, and he’ll find
all the required materials, walk them back to his workshop, and craft
the finished good.

Agree, that sounds like progress! Let’s cross fingers that there might be some unexpected features in the game once we hit the Beta.

as in, voxel replicas of myself and @Geoffers747? agreed…

These hand-drawn icons just have a lot more charm and character.

absolutely agreed… the icons just ooze character… then again, im a total sucker for these sorts of stylized graphics…

out of curiosity, @Tom, do you have any art floating around on deviantart, or elsewhere? would love to see any of your other work…

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No you don’t man, it’s pretty dark, and, well, there are just some things that you can’t unsee. Trust me on that one.

Will there be another livestream?

at some point, almost certainly… but nothing is planned as of right now…

Definitely share in the @SteveAdamo #OverlyGirlySqueeMoment. Desktop Tuesdays are always fun just to see how much progress they’ve made. I know there are several other indie groups out there that are struggling to get their games realized, and I wish them the best. However, it really seems like the Radiant team is definitely on track for success.

With that said, the image from this desktop tuesday peaked a question for me. I noticed the door, fence and gate icons mixed in with the more individualized craftables, i.e. chairs, swords, etc. So my wonderments are:

  1. Doors - when we build a new house, do we place openings or doors? If we place doors, do we have to have them pre-crafted and ready (which I doubt is the preferred option), or do these doors get automatically added to the queue of the carpenter. Or, if we instead place openings, can crafted doors only be placed in existing openings within the buildings?
  2. Fences and Gates - My original guess would have been that fences would have been placed similarly to buildings. The immediate difficulty that I see from my original thought is that fences (at least how I build them) are often connected to a building. For example, my trusty farmer ‘Angus McDangus’ exits the rear door of his home into a fenced in area containing his farm - have to keep stray baby mammoths from trampling the crops. However, if I do have to craft the fence pieces individually - do I have to craft them before I place them - and thereby having a huge storage of fence pieces. Or will there be a means of either dragging out an area, or pre-designing a fence before the work on it begins?

Just some early morning musings as I re-drool over some very exciting progress.

Ask and you shall receive!

Although I can’t answer whether or not you can leave gaps where doors should go, I would imagine so … a no door option for customisation, or something like that!

As for number 2, I would imagine they would have a similar construction mechanism to buildings, or at least it would be smart to include a procedure similar to buildings for fencing off larger areas, your guys then simply put the fences up when you’ve crafted the fences.

iirc, in the existing demonstration videos, walls were placed and doors were simply “drawn” onto existing walls… the builders are then smart enough to leave a gap in the call where the door is to be placed, and simply build around it (which makes sense, as we arent constructing houses voxel by voxel)…

Will they be finding time to play Divekick?

@Geoffers747 is indeed a universal source of truth…

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