[Dev Blog] A pile of Carpenter craft-ables



Wow, nice @voxel_pirate! I actually completely forgot that it was pre-hump day…

@ManOfRet You will never learn the golden rule, won’t you? Never play on Desktop-Tuesday :wink:.

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@SteveAdamo or @Geoffers747 how easy would it be to make a Dev Blog category? You guys do actually have power to make new categories and I’m not just a crazy cat? :heart_eyes_cat: It’s just that I was thinking about how to off those pesky little elves under my bed that these are going to be a common thing and I have OCD against this kind of generalisation.

Of course, I can survive. If you do have the power to make new categories though, perhaps a Dev News or something? To incorporate possible updates directly from the team or things posted via Twitter or Facebook and not on the forums that somebody can then repost, if the team decide to actually use social media :stuck_out_tongue:

quite easy, in fact… we used it early on to reorganize a bit around here… :smile:

but, and this is just my personal opinion, the Development category seems rather fitting here… as this is content directly from radiant’s site, which is labeled “development blog”… these threads represent the weekly development efforts from the team, and the naming convention we’ve adopted seems to work…

being the reasonable tyrant that i am however, im always open to suggestions… and @Geoffers747 and i will revisit the categories at some point im sure… :wink:

edit: i’ll wait for the full CSI treatment from @voxel_pirate, but in the meantime, there is so much to digest in that screenshot!

  • the door being confirmed as an obstacle to intruders (yes, i know… obvious, but nice nonetheless!)

  • the low-level work bench (awesome model, even if it is starting equipment)

  • were those “bolts” always in the recipe sheet?

  • no more placeholder sections in the crafting menu… are these final?

in general, just a high level of awesomeness, that can only be surpassed with about 20 more screenshots… por favor?!?


… plus:

  • It seems like Tom decided to go for the icon-fence similar to the large one (in the stream he wanted to keep the version with 2 poles).
  • Finally the shiny out-box seems to win against the carpet.
  • As the out-box consists of two objects (you can see 2 borders around it), I would guess that this is done to animate it, e.g. let the stripes blink while the border stays as it is.
  • One section in the list of craft-able items says “Furnishing & Decoration” and one “Food, Drink and Supplies”… nice, but at least the last one might not belong to the carpenter.

i think the intent is to have every crafter have the same menu categories, and you simply expand them to see what is available for the particular crafter you’ve selected…

carpenters might not be making many beverages (:beers:) , but “supplies” is very generic, and there are a number of things that would work for the profession…

I think the anvil in that screenshot is still “placeholder”. I believe it was mentioned that that should become a saw for the carpenter.

What I saw in the image was the “Harvest” and “Build” icons in the bottom right corner. These seem to be buttons that open those respective menus. I am hoping “Build” is the building menu, that would let you build houses and such. It might be interesting to see that menu populated with the items crafted by a carpenter.

And this question is interesting: When you build a house, will you be able to place furnishings in it? Or will your build menu not have a bed icon unless you have first crafted the bed. This was asked another way by Aegon Targaryen in the Desktop Tuesday blog comments.

The “Harvest” icon is also interesting because it implies different things. Why is there a “Harvest” menu item, not a “Farming” menu item? Is farming and harvesting accessed different ways?

Lastly, there was no crafting icon. Now the crafting menu was up, so that is a possibility, that when the given menu is displayed the icon selector is not visible. Or, and I think more likely, you have to get to the crafting menu via the work bench. Clicking on the work bench in game brings up the crafting menu. It was mentioned that this menu might be available from either the crafter or the bench.

sorry, i was referring to the recipe categories, not the screenshot as a whole… i was speculating on whether the recipe categories (construction, tools & goods, etc.) were now finalized…

the recipe menu will be different, depending on the unit/crafter you have selected… so, when you select a weaver, you will not see the wooden door recipe option, as an example… to furnish you home with say, a bed, you will have to select a crafter, build the bed, and have it waiting in the outbox…

you can then have a worker come pickup the bed, and deposit it where you want in your house…

i believe the gold anvil (under the wooden door recipe sheet) is the crafting item in this example…

[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:9, topic:3008”]
I was speculating on whether the recipe categories (construction, tools & goods, etc.) were now finalized…[/quote]
Ah, maybe :slight_smile:

[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:9, topic:3008”]
the recipe menu will be different, depending on the unit/crafter you have selected… so, when you select a weaver, you will not see the wooden door recipe option, as an example… to furnish you home with say, a bed, you will have to select a crafter, build the bed, and have it waiting in the outbox…[/quote]

I’m not talking about a crafter menu. I’m talking about the “building” menu (where you build houses and walls, castles, etc), which we have not seen a “modern” example of, only pre-kickstarter and kickstarter versions. In the bottom right of the Desktop Tuesday image there is an icon/button that looks like it would open that “Building” menu. My question is, is it through that menu that you place your crafted bed?

Again, I’m talking about the icons in the bottom right corner of the image not the left.

ahhh, apologies… yes, if i had to guess, i would say those are dev tool icons… meaning, they can use that to force a build or harvest action…

but when the carpenter is selected, i would think the build icon would be present, you click it, and it opens the menu we see in the shot… harvest would be an available icon when you select a worker unit (speculating here)…

Yes, I’m doing a bit of speculating too… but fun speculation.

Though, this is a serious question: How do you place the items you have crafted?

I’m assuming this is true: To get to the crafter’s window (or menu as we have referred to it before)(“window” is Tom’s reference) you either have to select the workbench or the crafter himself. @SteveAdamo brings up a good point that after selecting the crafter you might have to click a button to see his “window” rather than have it pop up everytime you select him. I don’t see a need to have a button system for displaying the crafter window when selecting the workbench, why else would you select the workbench?

Also assuming either of these to be true: The Harvest icon/button brings up the entire Farming window or selecting a Farmer brings up a “Farming” button to see the Farming window where you can direct planting and the Harvest button brings up a window where you direct harvesting actions.

If those are true, we should have a menu where we can place crafted goods. I am assuming that will be the “Build window” where we also select and place houses, city walls, towers, etc…

In contrast I would doubt that a worker has a “Worker window” where you would direct a worker to place crafted goods. I also doubt that you direct a worker “pick that up, put it down here”.

agreed… its probably more along the lines of being in the build menu (build mode), and if you have the available stock, you can place a bed “representation” of the bed where you want it… this creates a job that the next available worker will get assigned to…

the worker will go to the carpenter’s outbox, grab the bed, and place it where you had previously assigned the placement of a bed…

[quote=“SteveAdamo, post:13, topic:3008”]
… this creates a job that the next available worker will get assigned to…[/quote]

The timing of this task could be interesting… Assume the house the bed is to go into is not complete, say the bed was meant for the second floor, when does the worker go get the bed? And another quandary, the bed is meant for the first floor but the roof is not on yet? Does the worker place the bed as soon as the floor is done or wait for the whole building to be complete? And is “complete”, just the floors, walls, and roof? What about doors, windows, other décor? At what point does the house become complete enough to start moving the furnishings in?

im not sure how the exact mechanic will work, but if i had to guess… you would have to have an existing “surface” to place a potential item on (be it a bed, table, chair, etc.)… so, you wouldnt find yourself in a situation where you wanted to place a table on a second story floor, but didnt yet have the floor to place it on…

you would have had to have constructed the place for the item to reside, prior to deciding where the item should go…

Well, I don’t think you place beds until after buildings are complete, so the bed doesn’t just disappear in the meantime… you can still plop that same bed in a different house for one night and move it back the next (I assume.).

Question (maybe this was already asked):
Can I recycle or just upgrade things? So if I want to replace all my shabby old chairs or little tables can I recycle them or do I have create a garbage dump? Or can I just destroy things? (How will I be able to tear buildings down / extend them?)

from one of the very early demonstration videos, @Tom was describing the scaffolding the workers were using to build a house… he mentions getting back the materials, but that they werent sure how much (at that point)…

so, i would say most likely yes… you will be able to claim portions of materials you’ve already constructed…

as for upgrading an existing item, say the tier 0 bed to a tier 1… im just not sure… i would imagine we would deconstruct the tier 0, reclaim a portion of the materials, and then build a new tier 1…

Excited to see gameplay coming together.

I too liked the obstacle to intruder. Makes me think certain building features will have hit points or something to require enemies to bash through them. I also liked the little flavor text “privacy at last”.

Did anyone else notice under Carpenter Workbench in the bottom left it says “clean enough”? Makes me think there could be a cleanliness / efficiency mechanic. Possibly affecting happiness too? Maybe some day even the quality of the item crafted?

I really like that the “maintain x items” is built-in already. I wonder if that is a global maintainer, or just a maintainer for the outbox associated with that work bench? Guess it depends on whether the crafting menu is for that bench or for the character.

I’m not sure I like the idea of finished goods being miniature until they’re placed. Will they stay miniature if you trade them? Will they re-miniaturize if you unplace or move them? Is space efficiency worth the extra mechanic and coding? I personally say no, but don’t care enough to argue about it.

Something to add would be a queue. Maybe also a pause so you don’t have to delete the craft?

I wonder if the harvest is auto-harvest. I know I saw that in a video where guys ran out of wood and automatically went to go chop down a tree to keep building a wall. It would be nice if that were able to be switched on / off as well.

Funny how every “answer” begets 20 more questions, hehe. Just shows the level of enthusiasm for this game.

yes, i believe @Tom mentioned that in the last stream, and i love the little touches like that, that add more flavor (pun definitely intended) to the game… :+1:

if i had to guess, im thinking its more of the same flavor…

im pretty sure thats per crafter…

this is present with the “open” vs. “closed” shop sign… i think @Tom demonstrates that in one of the most recent streams… ill wait for @voxel_pirate to confirm which… :wink: