Workshop Modelling Livestream - Thursday 13th June 2013 - 16:00 PDT

There will be a livestream tomorrow that is focussed on overhauling the workshop model.

It will be broadcast from 16:00 PDT[url] Check your timezone here [/url], and I would imagine it will last a similar length to the others.

As usual the stream can be watched over at the [url] twitch channel [/url].

I know that we have the [url]Google moderator [/url] for questions, but it’s sometimes hard to get visibility, as such let’s try and get a few questions arranged here for the guys to get a heads up on, and then use the Google moderator for the stream - well that’s my thoughts anyway.

As such, feel free to ask some questions in here, if you like the question you see like it, and then tomorrow prior to the stream I’ll put the top 5/10 in this post for the team.

So yer, ask away and let’s see how it goes.

As this is the first time doing this, it’s a bit of a trial one, so at the moment:

  • Please only ask one question.
  • Like the questions you wish to see answered.

Things might change between now and the livestream and I’ll update accordingly.

10 Questions for the stream

  • [quote=“Zendorf, post:4, topic:1571”]
    What was your influence to toss out and then bring workshops back into the game?
  • [quote=“SteveAdamo, post:15, topic:1571”]
    what are the “core” systems you know will be critical for the beta release (building, crafting, combat), and what % complete would you place them at this point (6.5 months out)…
  • Will it be possible to de-construct own buildings (and ruins found in the world), to gain back resources?

What libraries (jQuery, Bootstrap, etc.) did you use to make the UI?


“Well, Stephanie has been cranking away at the core crafting engine, and we’ve hit a breakthrough for how we want crafters and their workshops to behave universally in the game. The good news is that workshops like you see here are back and will play a major roll! We threw them out a while ago because we couldn’t work them into our original crafting plans, but now they’re back.” - Desktop Tuesday

Q: What was your influence to toss out and then bring workshops back into the game?

A: First off thanks for answering my question @Tom and thanks @Geoffers747 for organizing these questions.

Watch it here - Modelling the Carpenter’s Workshop - Start/End Time 10:08 - 17:45

Paraphrasing what @Tom said basically they wanted us to make hard core choice when we promoted a unit for example the carpenter would handle all carpentry work all the basic tools used by professions like the Spindle=weaver, woden mallet and chisle=stone mason, hoe=farmer. they wanted it to be centered around the particular unit and not a structure. The structure would be more to augment the unit allow them to do things better than they did before. They wanted them to have relationships between the professions and a real economy.

Issue upgrading someone like a weaver as an example you craft them a spindle to upgrade to a weaver. weaver takes say cotton and changes it to cloth and they didn’t want you to get caught with a unit that couldn’t do anything if you didn’t have access to cotton or something of the like.

Solution you shouldn’t be able to get a weaver until you have access to the requirements of that class like cotton or more completely the weavers workshop. which requires the tools required for the profession and some basic materials of that profession. Hence workshops came back.


Can you talk a little bit more about your idea for story-driven modules? That was the part of the Kickstarter video that made me seriously interested in the Stonehearth, and I’m a bit concerned now because I haven’t heard much about them. How will story-driven content work with the core city-building gameplay?

Will it be a sort of “break” from normal city building where you send some of your guys on an adventure, or will it all happen in the context of your city?


Can you talk more about map layout in regards to cities and towns? Will you essentially have just one city that keeps growing? Or is it more along the lines of “the inhabitants of this group of closely located buildings will form their own town government”.

Second question: will the job tree also include diplomatic and economic jobs? We’ve heard about crafting, economy, and military. If I craft a scepter and give it to someone, does he become king? Or a set of scales makes a banker?

Third question, will modders be able to create new classes and get them added to the job tree as well?

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Continuing the discussion from Workshop Modelling Livestream - Thursday 13th June 2013 - 16:00 PDT (Ask Questions Here):

First question - you build the cities so in essence you could build them anyway you want too. As to what way will be most beneficial / efficient that is unknown.

Second question - as for the bankers and diplomats/kings etc they haven’t stipulated a job list yet i have been waiting to see one personally. but giving a unit a tool in combination with skill ups/levels makes them said class.

Thrid question - this should be completely possible with the modability that will be in game.

Good questions but i think most have been answered in other posts @Geoffers747 and @SteveAdamo would more.

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while i applaud your effort to keep this thread clean (really, thanks! :+1:), it might get confusing to bounce back and forth between “question” and “answered” threads… if someone asks a question that we might have an existing answer too, we can use this same thread to address it…

as @Geoffers747 indicated, the questions that receive the most numerous “likes” will get added to the queue…

carry on with the questions! :thought_balloon:

I’m adding a second question because it is a question that must be asked. While technically we might not know for sure it will be pretty much finished tomorrow so.

What did the paypal reach?


Right let me see if I can help with some of these! @Zendorf has tackled them as well, so I’ll try to not simply say what he has!

  1. They have stated that it is focussed on the building of your settlement, the management of multiple settlements wasn’t definitively ruled out, I think it was something they said they would look at, but it revolved around how that would work in the game, would it be “Okay these buildings are located X amount of distance away from your first settlement and so can be named, and are considered a settlement in their own right. Or is it that you designate a specific building, or town centre etc, that marks a new settlement”. I mean there is nothing stopping you building these multiple settlements which for all intents and purposes could be separate, but then I suppose you would want the game to acknowledge that these aer actually two separate entities.

  2. The job tree is something that sounds like a continual work in progress, in respect that they have a large amount of jobs that they want to include, and are working and reworking the tree so that it makes sense etc. There has actually been some discussion [url]here [/url] and [url] here [/url] regarding the inclusion of a unit like a ‘king’ unit, and the response from the devs, granted it is a few weeks old and who knows how much can change in that time frame, that they were unsure about including such a unit as they feel it would imply a certain type of city.

  3. Yes indeedy. Pretty much everything is moddable. You want a new faction? Done. You want new terrain, biomes? Done. You want to recreate the entire game into a sci-fi and fantasy futuristic space colony game with giant space ants that shoot lasers from their face? Done. Okay that last one would take a hell of a lot of time, but, it’s doable :smile:

in the event you had missed the older blog post, they dive into the UI a bit here, and discuss that the entire interface is driven via HTML and CSSJS… they also leverage chromium embedded to embed chrome on top of the game…

Thanks to @Geoffers747 and @Zendorf. Guess I need to dig more through the old threads and videos.

For #2 & 3, I like sandbox games to give me the tools to implement my ideas. For example, if I have a tailor make a flag, and the carpenter turns that into a standard, and then I give that item to a soldier, can I then upgrade him to the official class of standard-bearer, and then other fighter units nearby get bonuses. Seeing some sort of deficiency in my settlement and then giving me the tools to fix it is a huge selling point to me.

For #1, I realize that it’s really early days for the game. They’ve said that each game map will be large enough that you won’t easily reach the edges, which means that your settlers have to have a lot of room to move. I don’t think I’d want a Civ-style of micro-management for multiple cities, but at the same time, the modder part of me says separate and distinct entities gives you far more options.

Thanks again for the answers.

Anytime keep on posting :smile:

Can we see what you have currently stubbed in for the carpenter to create via your crafting system?

Need more questions to add … never enough questions lol

I know that, well I missed the CSSJS bit but still doesn’t answer my question. The examples I gave were specifically because of knowing it uses html. My question was what the actual js/css libraries they used to build the ui because with the level we’ve seen they either used something or the entire thing is meticulously positioned images and controls which would be nasty to make.

fair enough… :smiley:

my question: what are the “core” systems you know will be critical for the beta release (building, crafting, combat), and what % complete would you place them at this point (6.5 months out)…


Will there be large community servers, and if so will they include an avatar sort and customization?

Apart from models seen in the Destop Tuesdays (e.g: beds, table, stool, etc…) what other items will the carpenter be able to craft?

Also will the Carpenter have to unlock new skills to be able to craft new items into the game?

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ok, pardon the uber n3rd mode, and this doesnt directly answer your question, but it does provide a related answer… :wink:

if you take a look (listen) to one of the older videos, Tom was describing the scaffolding system… listen around the 02:35 mark:

when the structure is finished, he’ll be able to tear this down…
that will come back to us, either some or all of it… we have to
figure that out

@SteveAdamo You are my hero! I thought I have listen to them all… :yellow_heart: (yellow are the professional hearts ^^).

So I would like to officially recall the one question I am allowed to raise and replace it with this one:

  • Did we get this right in one of the streams? There is no intention to include cows? Even if they are sooo cute and totally stonehearthish)? Can you elaborate on your heartless decision?

… feel free to rephrase it a bit and @Geoffers747… me counts on your vote!


There will be cows. Or there will be blood.