Two-week feedback request: Post your item ideas here!

Hi guys. Over the next couple of weeks I’m going to focus on adding as many new craftable items to the game as possible for the Carpenter and Weaver classes.

If you have ideas on items you would like to see in the game, please post them in this thread!

Here are the rules

  1. The item must work using our existing tech. Furniture, decorative items, etc. are ok. Rocket ships and siege engines are out.
  2. The item just make sense as a craftable for the Carpenter or the Weaver.
  3. Please do include any sketches, voxel renderings, etc. if you have them!

K, thx, bye.


Perhaps something like a cabinet or closet for the carpenter so that citizens can store some personal effects in their houses. Well, eventually. In the meantime it could just be a decorative item.

I would stay and think of more, but it’s 3:31am here and I’m crazy to still be up to begin with.


Finely Woven Tunic -
This light and stylish tunic is sure to bring happiness to all who wear it.
slight speed buff, and extra happiness. also adds to town value

Fire Spit-
This spit roasts meat evenly
value and happiness after spit is used with meat and such?

Heavy Wool Vest-
It’s so warm and fluffy!
buff to happiness with a debuff to speed.

Wooden Dagger-
I guess it’s a little pointy…
a passive buff to worker damage if they get it.


I might have a few ideas…

For one, maybe the carpenter the ability to craft more saws (or maybe that would require stone or something.)

I like Phagocytosis’ idea about decorative items that could have future uses. We already have tables and chairs, why not give the Carpenter the ability to make padded chairs with wool resources as well as maybe tablecloths? I don’t know. I’m sure it can be implemented. :stuck_out_tongue:

Padded Chair -
This comfy chair allows for eaten food to be at least 35% more enjoyable!

As for specifically Weaver items, maybe a trapper outfit and/or alternate footmen outfits, which may or may not work with the system seeing as how there’s only the example of one?

Light Woodsman Garb -
Woven specifically with stealth in mind, this tunic helps make traps 10% more enticing! (I’m sure I could rattle off technobabble about how animals won’t be able to see the Trapper put the traps down and thus makes them more likely to get trapped by them, but I won’t :P)

Fleet Fighter’s Garments -
Wearing this can make the footman 10% faster with attacks and speed, but with a 15% reduction to power!

Heavy Handed Hand-Me-Downs
This inefficient garb makes the footman 10% slower to attack and run, but gives them a 15% increase to power!

That’s all I have for now. :smiley:


Mine are pretty simple and I think they are fairly self explanatory.

-Saloon Doors (Decorative Door)
-Lantern Post (Just a Lantern on a post)
-Apiary (Bee Farm!)
-Butter Churn (Decoration but possible usage)
-Barrels/Cask (Decoration, possible storage)

-Fishing Net (Fish Catching!)
-Insect Net (Bug catching!)
-Hobo Sack/Knapsack (Laborers can carry more)
-Decorative Rugs


let’s just toss out a variety of woven goods, and see which stick! :smile:

  • banners :point_right: simple decoration
  • tapestries :point_right: simple decoration
  • rugs :point_right: simple decoration
  • hammocks :point_right: alternative bedding
  • baskets :point_right: thatch? simple decoration

on a related note, I believe @Tom mentioned dyes on a few occasions… so, yeah… something to enable this for the weaver would be neat! :smiley:

all wooden goods, courtesy of the carpenter:

  • barrels/chests :point_right: simple decoration / potential “storage”?
  • benches :point_right: simple decoration
  • toys (jigsaw puzzle, rocking horse) :point_right: happiness quotient
  • sculptures/statues :point_right: simple decoration / happiness quotient

Wooden Statue
Not the prettiest, but at least it’s cheap.
The carpenter could make a nice wooden centerpiece for your town. It would basically be just a wooden replica of one of your villagers, or any creature you encountered. This way, if the player survived a titan raid, they could build a statue to commemorate it. It would of course have a stone counterpart, and boost town net worth and happiness, as the villagers would have both something to be proud of their village for, as well as a social meeting place.

Wool Collar
Because everybody needs a friend.
This could be used to tame animals and of course would be made using wool and the weaver.

Lamp Post
It may not be brighter than a lamp, but at least it looks nicer.
The lamp post could be created by the carpenter with a lamp and a log or two. It would function like a normal ground lamp but it could be placed by paths to look nice.

I know this isn’t an item request, but I would really like if you could create an alpaca, even as a rare creature.


so i will just edit this post when i think of more during these 2 weeks

Wooden Armor
4 wood
This Armor is made to withstand multiple hits from a sword, 10% weaker but 5% more Willpower
Wooden Helmet
3 wood
Watch out for the downward slash, 5% less Compassion but 10% more Stamina
Wooden Shoes
2 wood, 2 fiber
not very comfy since the carpenter just stuffs it in there no sweat, 4% less diligent but 2% faster
----can have anyone if you want


Bone Armor (Helm, Body Armor, Boots)
Light, but Durable, provides some much needed extra protection.

“I love my new Squirrel bone armor!”
– Leah Yiss, Footman


Shelves would be pretty nice to see, or a decorative wall-mounted tool rack (ex., pair of hoes for a farmer’s residence. Seeing how items like ladders and lanterns seem to be integrating with building walls fairly well so far, I think other vertical-based décor could flesh out the craftables list without too much hassle.

Also, wooden signs (which could later display messages, hopefully?) would be pretty fun to work with. They could be either wall-mounted, like a store sign, or free-standing on a post.

And I know there hasn’t been much work with stone crafting and terrain yet, but I really look forward to the ability to craft roads and walkways, even if they have no gameplay value for a while. Maybe there’s a way to get a dirt road instead, in the meantime?


I like this thread. Some good ideas as well. Right now I’m wishing I had actually spent the last year becoming proficient in Qubicle Creator - never mind, I’ll illustrate my suggestions through google and dance.


Shabby Desk (Though you could just have a normal desk) - Decoration, though could have some use at some point - ‘For the Studious settler, watch out for splinters’

Window Box - Decoration - ‘Flowers are always better suspended in mid-air’

Wooden Torch - Decoration/ Utility - can either be placed in the world or carried by settlers - ‘Portable light, now stop being afraid of the dark.’

Bird Table - Decoration/ Utility - used to attract birds either because they’re pretty or because you want their feathers … - ‘If the trapper was any good at their job we wouldn’t need this’

Fruit Bowl/Basket - Decoration/ Utility - can have fruits placed into it to act as storage? - Your standard fruit bowl, just add berries.

Trellis - Decoration/ Utility - This could be used either as a type of fence e.g:

Or placed on buildings, similar to ladders:

Or could even be used in farming, this would be for certain plants:


Rug - Decoration - A simple rug. What were you expecting?

I’m struggling with ideas for the weaver … also @sdee is a million times more proficient at writing those witty little item descriptions. I’ll be sure to add anything else if I think of it. Some good suggestions in the thread!


Oh hey, item ideas?


Stone Statue
Well isn’t that fancy, huh.
8 stone resource cost?

It’d basically do the same as @Dwalus and @SteveAdamo suggested, but look much more glorious.

Large Potted Plant
It brightens up anyone’s day.
4 stone resource and a plant resource cost?

It could possibly provide a happiness buff to your people… and look pretty. I think we all know @SteveAdamo wants to cover the mountains in flower pots.

Small Potted Plant
2 stone resource and a plant resource cost?

Again, this could provide a happiness buff, but have less of an effect than the large potted plant. Also, this one is for @Geoffers747, who I know wants to put these outside every house he builds.


Thatch Hat
(I can’t think of anything to go here, sorry.)
4 silk weed

It would buff the farmer so that he works faster?


uh… um, alfie? carpenters wouldn’t use stone…


Good point. Still though… a hammer would kinda work? :tongue: It could also be temporary until the correct class is released…

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Fantastic! I actually meant to make a suggestion of cooking the meat that you can now find so plentifully with your trapper. It seems sad if your villagers only ever get to eat raw meat. Especially if they already have fire—I was going to suggest some use of the firepit you start with, but a specific item for this might be better, then the firepit could remain in use as a nighttime comfort.

Ooh! I love it.

This is also a good idea in my mind. I like the method used in Dwarf Fortress, where the dwarves themselves decide what sort of thing to immortalize with such things, and often times it will be a figure of recognizable importance to the player (e.g. the titan that just attacked, as @Dwalus suggested; it’s nicer if that happens without the player having asked for that explicitly). Other times, it may be a bit weird and random, but that’s cool too. (Of course, it would be more difficult/more work to implement this sort of thing in a fully graphical game.)

Actually, that’s a good point, it would be nice to add in some animals to serve as sources for wool as well as just plants. To this end, the sheep that was designed earlier could also be brought back. I wonder if these animals would be too big for the trapper to catch, though?


so I’m not sure if this is the sort of thing @Tom was looking for, unfortunately. Although it might not be such a stretch, because animals are already in, the sheep at least was already designed at some point, and harvesting from animals generally is already in.

I really like this, as well. This could go along with new gameplay involving the dark of night (perhaps citizens are sometimes scared of the dark, or more likely to be scared of other things—they already run away from goblins sometimes, maybe they could do so more readily at night, perhaps unless they carry a torch).

I would build some of those. Gets my vote.

Other ideas:


  • Wooden chests for storage;
  • Wooden buckets for transporting liquids once they’re in;
  • Wooden cages/snare traps; perhaps they need to be built before the trapper can use them? Alternatively you could make improvements to them. Or both.


  • Plush animals/monsters/dolls, to be used for children once these are in;
  • Maybe specific bedding-type items to improve existing beds, e.g. nice pillows, sheets, blankets;
  • Sleeping bags for when citizens are too far in the wilderness to get home in time to sleep in a bed (or hammock :heart:);
  • Tents for similar considerations;
  • Rope, for various possible future uses.

Also how about a rocket ship? :slight_smile:


Wood Gibbits-
These outta teach those goblins to stay away…

goblins don’t come within view sight of a filled gibbet.

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Eek! Sinister! I like it.

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