New Crafting Varieties/Classes?

First off;
The Weaver. They ARE the Weaver after all, so why not spin silkweed/wood into Baskets? Less space than Crates, but faster to build. Besides; Baskets would fit well in the desert with the urns too.

Desert Variety of Armour/Weapons
No two civilizations will have the exact same armour/weapons. Reya’s Children seem more likely to have some different things;
Monk instead of Cleric. More like a “Battle Healer”, uses staves instead of the book.
Their Footmen should also weild schimitars instead of maces and instead of heavy, bulky armour they’d have more leather/cloaks. More glass cannony but they fight faster.
Speaking of The Ascendency; What about Axes? They have maces, so why not Battle Axes? Uses some wood but only 1-2 ingots instead.

Besides, there could be more Archer armour. A better cowl/cloak obviously.
IE; Leather and Cloth cloak/cowl. Not too much, just having some more defense wouldn’t be too bad.
Crossbows too perhaps; Slower reload time, but REALLY strong.


oh I like the basket idea! :open_mouth: that would be awesome and I agree fit very well in with the desert theme. Could have two sizes just like the others, small flat baskets and larger tall baskets for the two sizes

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Agree on the basekts

Yes~ ^w^ Ooooooh;
Decorative weaves too! Like woven carpets from wood!