New Classes - Barber and Tailor

Howdy everybody!,

Alright, pretty straight forward… Had a quick idea, and just wanted to see what you guys thought.

So first, the barber. This class would allow you to change other Hearthlings’ hair, adding the, from what I’ve seen, much requested customization. This would a standalone class.

Second, the tailor. This class will allow you purchase random garments for your Hearthlings and will assist in suiting them when appropriate. Of course, the question is then, what garments? Well, I’m thinking there should be different outfits for Heathlings. Meaning - for the, and pardon me for not knowing the correct term, but the “Green” team, I’m imagining creating some different styles of clothing for Hearthlings - perhaps in different shades of green, some more puffed up shirts, just basic T-shirt style worker shirts, and even formal dress. And of course, would be an upgrade for the Weaver class.

So, yeah… again, just pretty straight forward. What do you guys think?

Let me know!



I usually don’t like micro-management, but Hearthling dress-up is the one thing I’ve always wanted.

… I mean, decking out my army in an intimidating uniform.

… though, honestly, being surrounded by a giant rainbow of an army would be pretty intimidating.


I think the tailor job should be integrated into the weaver job. I mean, the weaver can produce clothes from all kinds of matarials, so why not give him these options.

The barber seems ok. Usually I dont like new jobs/classes who dont produce anything (like the mayor or architect), but since many players seems to want customization for their hearthlings, I would give this a thumbs up.


Yup, taylor may be integrated into weaver class. Barber seems excessive if only because he doesn’t have much function (other than changing hair), and I can hardly see what extras can he have. Battle hair that gives +1 to damage because it looks intimidating? Aerodynamic hair that increases walking speed?

You can try and ask a shepherd to do hair, but I wouldn’t recommend that. Sheep shears are quite big.

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What? You’ve never been to the baabaa shop?

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