New Class: Brewer

Hey there,

I think it would be cool to have a side class along the cook that would brew some fine wines and beers for our heartlings. Also, once all of our heartlings are equipped with worker’s upgraded outfits, and top weapons, the artisans kind of become useless. A system of wear and tear (having to replace weapons, outfits, armor and arrows) could generate something more akin to a real economy where you need to keep track of your production lines to be sure to have enough of everything (for people more interested in building than economy management, this feature could be deactivated in the easy mode).

Thanks and keep up the great work, this game is amazing!

I recall brewer being one of the planned classes! Also, wear and tear might be pretty cool feature or if anything, archers having to stock up on ammo (and maybe mages having a ready stockpile of spell ingredients when/if they get implemented besides geomancer)

On a note, there’s a megathread of class suggestions which I belive this thread will get merged to once a mod notices!