Professions and other suggestions

Just bought the game today, love it. A few suggestions for the devs (sorry if these suggestions have been made already, just joined the community), and one for the modders.

  1. New profession: fishing. I gather there is something changing with water soon. Not sure if fish is part of it.
  2. New profession: Brewer: Who doesn’t like a drink now and then?
  3. New profession: Artist.
  4. Children. Sadly, this will probably be something for modders as once you add the hearthlings ability to get laid, the ratings change. That is the world we live in… Sigh… Still would like to see though.
  1. An old proposition but still on the list. From what I’ve heard, currently reworking water system touches only mechanics, but it’s only logical to find use for it when it’s done.
  2. Try Stonehearth Cafe + Brewery Mod.
  3. What should he do? Because currently “decorative” recipes are distributed between several crafters, including potter (vases) and weaver (tapestries). There is a mod adding more themed tapestries into the game.
  4. As the devs stated, they do not plan to add that. Probably will only be added by mods, if any.
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There is a mod called the Archipelago that has the fisher class in it.

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