An idea for the game

So, I have an idea. I assume that I’m not the first one who has thought of this but I mean, It’s a good idea. A fishing job should be added into the game. Adding a use to the water would be very nice, and I think it could work well. How I picture unlocking it is a farmer can be upgraded into a Fisherman or Cook, or a separate job all together.

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Been suggested a hundred times over. Devs have talked about it since way back in the Tom days. Bruno provided.


Yeah I figured It’s been talked about many times. What have the devs said about it? I haven’t really read anything about it.

Way back during the Tom days, it was originally thought up and discussed in a few Dev Streams as an idle animation for when your Hearthlings don’t have work to do. It kinda got left at that for the longest time, and now whenever it’s brought up, it’s basically said it may be added later, but they want to redo the current classes before they start adding more, and say to refer to the mod above till that time.

Ah, thank you for clarifying.