Job Idea/Changes

I know that someone else has brought up the idea of a sailor/fisherman job, but I really wanted to get into a little more depth pertaining to fishing. Currently, there is no use for water, and adding fishing to the game could create a use for it. Furthermore, it could be an earlier form of trapping. It could be an early source of meat for hearthlings, and additionally, it could expand into different forms of fishing (nets and rods).

Think of it this way:

Fisherman base job (Fisherman’s Rod)
Level 2 opens to Trapper specialization (yields more per catch at the cost of a slower catch rate) (Fisherman’s Net)

Hunter base job (Hunter’s Bow tool)
Level 2 opens to Skinner specialization (yields food and leather) (Skinning Knife)

Sheppard should be an independent class from both

By doing this, the player would have advanced food sources throughout the game (rather than just farming). This would expand into cooking (I was a chef). Cooks could specialize into different types of cooking.


Hi @Siyat :merry:

Up in the right corner there is a search function and if you try to type in fisherman, you will get alot of results on this exact topic.

Furthermore, if you try out @BrunoSupremo `s mod with the biome Archipelago, there is a simple fisherman class in that.
Here is the link to that:

I want to see a fishermanclass as much as you :jubilant:
Have a great day!

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Nothing personal, I just don’t use mods. I would rather see the class baked into the game. Usually it means it’s more stable, and really, this game crashes on me a lot.

And thanks for the search idea.

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