Fishermen: New Class?

Continuing the discussion from Class suggestions:

Really, I just like the idea of a hearthling chilling on the end of a dock with a fishing line cast in the water.

Class System Integration Ideas:

  • Possibly a good fit as a Trapper zone type.
  • Carpenter could craft fishing boats; but doing so could introduce greater risks (more on that below). :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Would be a nice way to offer another food source early game with options for progression over time (boats, critters, etc)
  • Better yields the deeper the water; would encourage the use of docks to get out over the water.
  • Of course, this could be a fun way to introduce aquatic hostile mobs, assuming fishermen could defend themselves enough to get back on land in one piece.
  • Could offer upgraded fishing equipment that might recover uncommon/rare items when used.

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