Fishing and sailing

I’ve always wanted to start a fishing village; set up by a body of water and the like. I think it would be cool. Maybe even add boat schematics to the Carpenter, and let Hearthlings hop aboard a ship and sail across bodies of water to continue exploring, or sail out into the water to fish more?

Could have fishers who go collecting fish (kinda like how Trappers work; set up a Zone out in the water), and maybe even sailors who man larger ships to take folks across in groups (like if you’ve told them to Harvest a bunch of stuff on the other side of the lake, the Sailor would board the ship, and everyone who’s going across would get on, and then off they go?


Hi @Cheezez Cheezez :slight_smile:

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And remember, the game is in Early, like REALLY early Alpha, so suggestions are more than welcome, and may/may not be added, but if it doesnt make the cut, usually give it to a modder, and he will make do with ideas

I hear you, but calling it “really early alpha” feels wrong when the game as I backed it was scheduled for a Sept. 2014 release :stuck_out_tongue: Still, would rather have a good game late than a slapdash thing soon.

“There’s still a ton of work to do, but because we’ve tackled the hardest technical problems already, we are confident that we can deliver the full game on schedule.”


I like the fishing system but what ships go for? The fishing must be added to game but there is no reason to building ships in little lakes. In future updates (ı guess) the borders of map will widen so the lakes becames seas. In that situtation the ships are not a bad idea.