Fish, find and give a looting purpose to water/w ships!

Here is an Idea to make water in the game more relevant: Fishing &treasure hunting

New job: sailor. The sailor can make ships (small rowboats or single pole sail boats, of course), you assign them a task grounds (just like the trapper or shepherd) and choose what you want him to do in those waters (fishing or treasure hunting)

Fishing can be performed at any depth on the water body you choose, but the deeper the sailor throws the net, the higher the chance of getting bigger fish. Fish can be used for cooking, as raw can be very disgusting AND they rot faster than normal meat jerky, but are nutricious and tasty (maybe add a cook recipe of fish casserole or fish`n chips)

Treasure hunting: have you ever dug down in the game and found several strange objects to find underground? (I found an iron cog once and like 5 bronze gears while digging an underground stockpile).
Treasure hunting requires a Hunter`s claw, crafted by an engineer of lvl 2. Just like fishing, the deeper you search the rrarest things you can find (from bolts of leather to vases, from bone axes to simple spools of thread), but with the difference that it requires a minimal depth, which means that you can treasure hunt on waters that arent deeper than:(nº)

Thank you for reading and letting me upblish ideas with the community!


Hey @Stonestomach I love your thought process, you found an area in the game where there is little conent and so you used your imagination to create some :smiley:

Fishing is for sure an idea I support, it is a natural decision and a natural food source. The only question that remains is should it be a stand alone class or maybe it should be paired with another?

Your idea to make a sailor that fishes and scavanges is a creative one. From a realisitic standpoint a scavaneger wouldn’t find much treasure in the water (imo)…but I think the concept could work very well in stonehearth’s cute reality.

I should point out the Hunter’s claw idea is not a neccessity, treasure could be found at rare intervels depending on the level of the sailor.

The largest complication that I can see is the idea of treasure itself, and it’s value. If you just find items that already exist it isn’t that great of an edition. If you find items that can only be found by scavanging then the team would have to spend a lot of time making a mutlitude of different treasures. Since the team is small and the game they are making is big, they have to be very smart at time management. When deciding on new features the question becomes, how much time will it take to make this and how much will the game be increased by it?

To this question the idea of treasure hunting falls rather low, i’m afraid. So if (and hopefully when) the team adds it it will be a long way down the road.

In my opinion that is one of the coolest things about Team R, they have taken many ideas straight from the community into the game.

Anyway I hope this helps, or at the least gives you something to think about. Anyone else have any ideas?



The reason I thought of the hunter`s claw was to ensure that, when you start hunting for treasures, you have already reached an advanced level as a village (because you also need steel for making the claw and the sailor should have a certain level to use it, so you need a lvl 2 Engineer and a lvl 3 Blacksmith).

But what you just said made me think: the stuff that you could find underwater you can find it easily destroying crypts and wrecking goblin camps, so there would not be much of a point. To make it rewarding you should find very strange things (just like a steel two handed sword or armor), but still it is nothing you cant craft
I retract nothing of the fishing mechanic, as it would make, I think, the cook’s job more rich (and food tastier) and make something important with a resource that right now serves a decorative purpose.

About catching bigger fish judging by the sailors level is something that could be good to implement, but my idea was that your sailor being a lvl 1 CAN catch a lvl 5 fish, it will give him a ton of experience, just that the chances of that happening are extremely rare. As the sailor levels up, he develops different recipes (goes from a single rod to a net, to a better net, to crab traps) which, the more complex they are, the better ship they need (going from a canoe, to a rowboat, to a one-man sail boat)
Thank you for taking your time to comment!


I love these kind of ideas :slight_smile: But if i remember correctly the devs said in one of the streams, that boats would not be implemented? I do hope if this is true, that they will change their mind later!
At this point we first need to wait patiently for the water to work correctly.

The treasurehunter could be awesome, i love digging into a mountain or down in the ground and stumble upon a mineral vein! If other ecxitng stuff like a special weapon or what else was there too, it would be really great! I do think though, that i would dig up the whole map hahaha :jubilant:


The devs make livestreams? Wow, I really know nothing.
Where can I find their address?

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I believe that water will be used for farming in the future… and fishing (however they said that fishing will be a past time… and will be done by all hearthlings when idle and not used for a permanent job)

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I really love your idea. Perhaps there could even be a whole new class: Fisherman. Would craft themselves boats and a fishing line as a workshop. They could then be upgraded to sailor later on. The Cook could have more recipes involving fish like you said.

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