Fishing, Boats, Naval Trade



If any of this could be implemented, that would be awesome. Maybe a port beacon like the rally flag that can be placed above water which at the very least, adds an animation of a trader sailing up, when you receive daily traders in your pop ups.

The boat could be an equipment item for a fishing class. It could deploy when the hearthling fisherman crosses on top a water tile.

But really, any more in depth interaction with the water would be nice.

Does stonehearth need boats?
Stonehearth FISHERMAN
Fishing and sailing

haha, very nice. but for serious, I would love to see more fun with water as well.


Good point! Fisherman, boats, fishes, fish monsters, breathing. anything more with water.


A verry good idea indeed :smiley:


Solid ideas. I’m a big fan of the fisherman class idea. Maybe it could be an unlock in the trapper tree?


my only concern with that would be if you started on a small island, you would want these fisherman rather than trappers. maybe trappers could just do it inherently? - i.e. “place traps over water” - or go fish in particular places.


big huge thread already existing…


I could see it in the farming tree, but it would also be nice if it were seperate. I’ve really wanted to start up in a mountain on stone but there’s no food. There are lakes however ontop of the mountain that could have fish in them.
A fishing pole could be crafted by a carpenter and used as an upgrade talisman, allowing a hearthling to fish coasts.
A boat could be a further advanced upgrade talisman which allows the fisherling to go deeper into the lake for larger fish.

P.S. why cant i trap on stone ground? theres trees, and animals there why am i not allowed to trap?


I like that. Maybe you designate a trapping zone on the water and they set out nets right at the shoreline. Otherwise they’d be swimming out to them.

[Class] Fisherman (Well thought out with pictures!)