[Class] Fisherman (Well thought out with pictures!)

So hopefully this topic won’t be merged by a certain Crab <3(@8BitCrab) but as others have suggested but haven’t gone in very great detail…a Fisherman Class! Now I know what you’re thinking…“What’s so different from this topic than those other ones?” Well, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about this class and have even tried scribbling some things together to go along with it!

Fisherman’s Clothing (Base model credit to Radient)

(Sorry for the large picture, it’s not very large on my screen :dizzy_face: )

Wooden Pole (Made by Carpenter) - Increase catch rate +10%
Fishing Pole (Made by Blacksmith) - Increase catch rate +25%
Fine Fishing Pole (Made by Blacksmith) - Increase catch rate +50%

(Rough draft of the reel)(Ps I suck at this)

Level 1 - Increase catch rate +10%
Level 2 - Increase catch rate +10% | Medium fish obtainable
Level 3 - Increase quantity +1 | Fishing Pole equip-able
Level 4 - Increase catch rate +10% | Large fish obtainable
Level 5 - Increase catch rate +10% | Fine Fishing Pole equip-able
Level 6 - Increase catch rate +10% | Increase quantity +1
Max catch rate: 100%
Max Quantity Possible: 3 Fish

Rough draft of a fish(?)(The picture came out alot darker than what I made it as)


Pesky @8BitCrab, doing his job :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve asked Tom a bunch of times for more info on fishing.
I think the plan so far is that idle hearthlings will run off and fish whenever they feel like, but I do like the idea of fishing equipment. If they decide against a dedicated fisherman class, fishing equipment could give a perk / fishing bonus to your hearthlings

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Perhaps the fishing class could be more devoted to fishing than your average hearthling? As in, the fisherman would go out with a net on a fishing boat to catch some fish!


Somewhat like the miner class will be awesomest at mining, this seafaring fisherman will be able to catch bigger fish offshore and has a higher chance of getting things like lobstahs


Then I can open a red lobstah!


That would actually make a great secondary class for the Fisherman!

any particular reason this needed a new thread, and couldn’t have suplimented the other “fish thread”? additionally, it could just as well be merged with the parent Class suggestions thread, which has about 10 individual references and discussion points on the class… :wink:


My opinion behind that is that in the suggestion section there is no rules about topics needing to be placed within old topics(specially one from 2013) and in the pinned topic it says “Add the type of suggestion to your topic title to help the community quickly see what it is about, such as (Class), (Item), (Faction) for example.” Topics that get merged into something like the “Class Suggestion” topic would eventually get lost through all those posts; it has what, 140-150 posts now? Also the topics I did find specified on a fisherman class were very vague and didn’t go into much detail.

Lastly to add on about the “Class Suggestion” topic; It’s not very fair to users who actually thought out their classes and then have them pushed into a megathread to be lost or bypassed by other users who might actually want to look at it.

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you certainly make very valid points… I would counter with the very functional search feature available via the Discourse (specifically the “search within this topic” option), but I am perfectly happy to leave this thread where it is…

after all, it does come with its own pictorial supplement… :smile: :+1:


Updated the first post with a crude new picture lol

I would love fishing .

nice it be cool if this upgraded into a sailor, or a deep sea fisherman

Fishing would be amazing; it would be such an excellent source of early food, especially if you’re using the Frostfeast mod or other scenarios where farming is a bit harder to rely on at first.

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In so many games I play there is fishing so I found it odd that there was no fishing. (Unless I am wrong and not there yet to have unlocked it)
Having a few fishermen (or women) with fishing nets, crab pots, fishing poles.
Just a suggestion…:slight_smile:

I back this idea.

However this might be an idea for when Rivers and Oceans are implemented.

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I agree (as always) I’d love to see fishing added to Stonehearth, There’s been a fair amount of discussion on this topic over at


That’s the main one anyway,

There’s also another topic that can be found here, Which is also discussing fishing

Hope that helped :slight_smile:


Continuing the discussion from Class suggestions:

Really, I just like the idea of a hearthling chilling on the end of a dock with a fishing line cast in the water.

Class System Integration Ideas:

  • Possibly a good fit as a Trapper zone type.
  • Carpenter could craft fishing boats; but doing so could introduce greater risks (more on that below). :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Would be a nice way to offer another food source early game with options for progression over time (boats, critters, etc)
  • Better yields the deeper the water; would encourage the use of docks to get out over the water.
  • Of course, this could be a fun way to introduce aquatic hostile mobs, assuming fishermen could defend themselves enough to get back on land in one piece.
  • Could offer upgraded fishing equipment that might recover uncommon/rare items when used.

How about more tasks for the fisherman?
so the acutal fishing is more like an event, a huge fish swarm (school?) spawnes and he’ll go out and try to catch as many as his skills and equipment makes possible. While no Swarm/school is near he could gahter other resources like holding geese near water (zone needs to be 50% water and 50% land) as alternative source for meat and eggs, placing traps for lobsters and crabs, growing algae (as food and medical resource, just something uncommon), in rivers could be placed something like screens to collect randomly metal nuggets (goldwashin etc…) or simply clay (slow but infinite source of clay, like wood), in swampy areas frogs, tar or other rar resources could be gathered.
A class only for cheap food is bit unbalanced, but if gather enough content and functions to it, maybe the devs would change their mind.


With improvements, the fisherman could dive for pearls, gather coral and seaweed (with the cook making sushi?).


Continuing the discussion from Fishing, Boats, Naval Trade:

I have mixed feelings about the idea of the combined fisher/trapper and I’ll explain why.
Fishing seems to be a different thing from trapping. Logically it requires a different set of knowledge and skills and offers different upgrades. Different enough so you can have an entirely different talisman item to promote to the profession (fishing pole). I can also hardly imagine a fisherman “taming” a fish, but I can easily imagine him catching rare “drops” and making items from them (like a golden fish jar or a pike on a plate wall trophy).

Trying to grab together different ideas:

  • A “nets” early perk can allow placing net “traps” in designated fishing areas in rivers, providing fish/clay and rarely, gold, or on the banks, providing fish/crabs.
  • A “deepwater fishing” perk + a crafted boat can allow a fisherman to get clams (with a chance of pearl clams), corals, seaweed, bigger fish and possibly a treasure chest (or a boot).
  • “Trophy hunting” perk will enable rare drops from a skilled fisherman (pearl clams, trophies for crafting decorations, treasures, gold with nets etc).

He can also fight with his fishing pole, inflicting 1 point of damage and causing terror in enemy lines.

I feel the fisherman is not something of an immediate requirement but a complement to the possible global water overhaul introducing (under)water life.