Add Fish to the Game Pliz

Add fish. And rod. Please.

Your post is lacking a lot of details. A proper suggestion would be something as the following:

Hello stonehearth community/devs~ My suggestion is the addition of a Fishing class! The fisherman class would be able to catch multiple kinds of fish depending on what biome they are fishing in, fisherman class level, and fishing rod type.

Wooden Pole - 10% Catch rate
Fishing Pole (Iron) - 25% Catch rate
Fine Fishing Pole (Iron with gold trim) - 50% catch rate

Level 1 - Higher catch chance by 10%
Level 2 - Can catch medium sized fish + 10% catch rate increase
Level 3 - Quantity on catch +1 & can use Fishing Pole
Level 4 - Can catch large sized fish + 10% catch rate increase
Level 5 - Can use fine fishing pole + 10% catch rate increase
Level 6 - 10% Catch rate increase + quantity on catch +1

In total the % to catch a fish at level 6 + fine fishing pole would be 100%


ahem @TheDerpySupport… have you not read the rules and guidelines… because you’re not exactly following the “golden rule”…


Is the change I made better?


much better… :smile:



I’m going to make a proper post on this if you dont mind.

And add boats and bridges for the waters. Maybe some oceans? Why we cant migrate to the other planets. Bla bla.

if you do it will just get merged with this one… though, now that i think about it, this one should probably be merged with one of the ancient ones…

@8BitCrab Isnt there a archive date on old topics though? Like say a topic becomes too old and then a new one be allowed to be created without being merged? I’d really like to do an updated one with a lot of proper suggestions in it that isnt merged lol

So do a allinone suggestion then. Like that: [PoE Build List for Example][1][1]: Forum - Duelist - Duelist Builds List - Path of Exile

Theyre a lot of people posting builds in forums every day in PoE, and people like that gathering all “utility” ones to their thread so all can follow easily.

im waiting for you to make one :0 gl

  • nvm i found your post