Class suggestions

i have made this post so people can suggest and talk about classes they would like in game and so admins and maybe devs could look at them and get ideas from them.

here’s my idea

Class name: Marksmen
Weapon: Longbow,Heavy crossbows or Muskets (if the devs add them)
Description: the Marksmen is highly skilled in using ranged weapons.
they can take out most enemies at great range with one well judged shot.


Class name: H.A.Y (Heavily Armored Yaks)
Weapon: Steel capped horns
Description: This yak uses it’s extreme weight and capped horns to impale and crush enemies. Armor results in arrows having near-to-no effect.
Special: 3 H.A.Y’s put together on a chariot can be set into stampede, runs until it hits a wall, great for hordes of enemies, deals damage to yaks.

Class name:Yak Riders
Weapon: Serrated Whip
Description: While sitting safely atop his H.A.Y he pulls in enemies under the hoofs of the yak, those not pulled in are dealt slash damage.
Special: While on a H.A.Y chariot he can send his yaks into a stampede increasing speed, damages yaks. (weapon becomes shortbow).


i like it especially the H.A.Y part also you might want to give your Yak Rider a sword and your chariot driver a bow or a crossbow.

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A Yak is very big so a sword wouldn’t work.

spear maybe? this text is so i can post becouse of the stupid minmum letter limet


A spear would work, but I had the intention of him sitting atop a charging yak pulling in troops to be crushed.

I love the idea of the H.A.Y you beat me to it it is the best idea in the world i would of called it though a Yak Cataphract :smiley:


I originally clicked into this thinking the title was a clever play on a Surgeon class…

But since it’s not, and that’s what’s on my mind now…

How about a surgeon/doctor/healer class of some sort? Either as a ‘crafting’ class that produces vaccines, bandages, and other things to keep your villages and soldiers in tip top health, or as an action-oriented class that expends energy in order to heal your other units.

Also, totally digging the Yak Riders.


Thanks, have been wanting to say it since they mentioned yaks instead of cows.

I have an idea for a class. I know long ranged types have been suggested before, but this one is a bit different. Instead of your average ranger, or your average guard, these guys would guard one place at a time. They would have a voxel long range, and so what would happen would be, lets say your kind of in the middle of a module where zombies attack every ___ days or so. Basically, an archer would defend your settlement within his range of where you placed him.
Hope you like the idea? :smiley:


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I also believe that Guard Towers being placed with your Archers would be suitable. Also, maybe another name than “Archer” would be in place…

ok, i was assuming the guard tower was a part of your village, but yea, i was thinking along those lines. but archer, most people mistake for “guy who ventures around in swamps with a bow” when it really meant more “guy who guards stuff with a bow”.

Well, we already know there will be archers in the game in some way - we’ve seen the pictures etc.

I’m not a big fan of this idea in the way you’ve proposed it mainly because you essentially lose a unit … if you simply could improve an archer’s ability to guard things by their equipment, or your settlement (for example building watchtowers and stuff) then that would be a better way to handle it.

Basically, just have a “Guard Here” option that allows you to define a specific area to guard or focus on rather than having a specific class that’s focused on statically guarding … of course I’m not adverse to a specific class suited to guarding your settlement through class perks etc.


seemed fitting to merge this here… good place to house all the “what about this class?” discussions… :smile:

so would this be a golem?

Just remember that not all “archers” are your stereotypical bow and arrow characters.

For example:

Not a bow in sight.

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given the general setting we’re playing in Stonehearth though, i wager they will be of the more “typical” variety… :wink:




(yes it was necessary to use all caps)

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Whilst that is an interesting take on things … I think we might be seeing a more traditional archer class!

I can safely say I’ve never seen anything like that before in all my life!

well… there was that weekend in Brazil, when … well, … right

classic archers ftw! :smile: