[Class] Fisherman (Well thought out with pictures!)

I back this idea.

However this might be an idea for when Rivers and Oceans are implemented.

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I agree (as always) I’d love to see fishing added to Stonehearth, There’s been a fair amount of discussion on this topic over at


That’s the main one anyway,

There’s also another topic that can be found here, Which is also discussing fishing

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Really, I just like the idea of a hearthling chilling on the end of a dock with a fishing line cast in the water.

Class System Integration Ideas:

  • Possibly a good fit as a Trapper zone type.
  • Carpenter could craft fishing boats; but doing so could introduce greater risks (more on that below). :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Would be a nice way to offer another food source early game with options for progression over time (boats, critters, etc)
  • Better yields the deeper the water; would encourage the use of docks to get out over the water.
  • Of course, this could be a fun way to introduce aquatic hostile mobs, assuming fishermen could defend themselves enough to get back on land in one piece.
  • Could offer upgraded fishing equipment that might recover uncommon/rare items when used.

How about more tasks for the fisherman?
so the acutal fishing is more like an event, a huge fish swarm (school?) spawnes and he’ll go out and try to catch as many as his skills and equipment makes possible. While no Swarm/school is near he could gahter other resources like holding geese near water (zone needs to be 50% water and 50% land) as alternative source for meat and eggs, placing traps for lobsters and crabs, growing algae (as food and medical resource, just something uncommon), in rivers could be placed something like screens to collect randomly metal nuggets (goldwashin etc…) or simply clay (slow but infinite source of clay, like wood), in swampy areas frogs, tar or other rar resources could be gathered.
A class only for cheap food is bit unbalanced, but if gather enough content and functions to it, maybe the devs would change their mind.


With improvements, the fisherman could dive for pearls, gather coral and seaweed (with the cook making sushi?).


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I have mixed feelings about the idea of the combined fisher/trapper and I’ll explain why.
Fishing seems to be a different thing from trapping. Logically it requires a different set of knowledge and skills and offers different upgrades. Different enough so you can have an entirely different talisman item to promote to the profession (fishing pole). I can also hardly imagine a fisherman “taming” a fish, but I can easily imagine him catching rare “drops” and making items from them (like a golden fish jar or a pike on a plate wall trophy).

Trying to grab together different ideas:

  • A “nets” early perk can allow placing net “traps” in designated fishing areas in rivers, providing fish/clay and rarely, gold, or on the banks, providing fish/crabs.
  • A “deepwater fishing” perk + a crafted boat can allow a fisherman to get clams (with a chance of pearl clams), corals, seaweed, bigger fish and possibly a treasure chest (or a boot).
  • “Trophy hunting” perk will enable rare drops from a skilled fisherman (pearl clams, trophies for crafting decorations, treasures, gold with nets etc).

He can also fight with his fishing pole, inflicting 1 point of damage and causing terror in enemy lines.

I feel the fisherman is not something of an immediate requirement but a complement to the possible global water overhaul introducing (under)water life.

I agree with what you’re saying in general, and no I don’t think its a requirement to the current play of maps - but it would be for any sort of ‘island’ type map. Not a huge deal, and could easily be a stretch goal.

The thing that I think gets people is that in general they see water and think: ‘time to make a boat and go fishing!’ At least I do : ).

Have you ever looked at your world and see those ponds and such with no use what so ever except as a moat? Well here’s something that can fix that! Fishing, plain and simple right? This job can easily be added into the game and gives Radiant a reason to add rivers and such! Making it seem more like a world instead of just a Desert or a Forest. I can see it almost like the Farmer, you select a region and give them the tools needed to fish! Then they go off and fish in the area given to them. but instead of selecting the type of food its random! It’ll help with the food generation and also the world generation since there will actually be a use for water instead of it just being there.

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I am not sure buuut I think a fisher class is planed or something like that.
Maybe @8BitCrab knows more.



i think trying to design a fisherman that can fish meanwhile throw javelins to enemy will be a good idea?
otherwise having warrior to just being warrior sometimes really hurts the building part of the town…

I know this is late but this already exists as a suggestion: [Class] Fisherman (Well thought out with pictures!)

I think there water in the game but you can do much but walking in the water or build of it i think fishing would be cool it well bring new food and new jobs what do you guys think.

That’s a great Idea. Maybe even make it so you need to collect water for your hearthlings and farms too? It would be a hassle, but it would also be more realistic.

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yr it would be cool and the water you can pot in a well so you can get a cup and there food and drink and eat.

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that is so cool cant wait for that to come in.

There is already a quite famous mod doing exactly that: Froggy’s Cafe Mod

I not wont it to be a mod it be cool in the game with out adding mods

Have carpenter create fishing pole and boat to fish

I feel like since there is water on nearly every map generation, there should be a fisherman job with appropriate traits and whatnot, but the fishing pole would need to be crafted by the carpenter with wood, string, and iron ingots