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I’ve been attempting to put together a Fishing MOD for the last few weeks now! I’ve been wanting to pick your brains about it, but I know you guys are busy. To me, fishing and farming are two of my favorite aspects in any variation of a survival game or city manager. . . I LOVE COMMERCE!! well, I guess, more economy? I suppose. Anyways, Huge fan of your work, and would love to discuss just the Idea I have for instituting a fisherman class into the game, and how I was thinking about creating the whole fishing aspect, If you have the time that is.

Would love to hear back from any of you regarding the fisherman. Maybe we can see if what I have in mind is similar to your process?

Let me know, and best of luck to All of you!


Two things that I first thought about would be that fish could be used in fertilizing the farmers’ fields and as ingredients in cooking for hearthling meals and for kibble/animal feed. I can’t yet think of anything else. I’m sorry, but I would prefer not to see trophy items for decoration and such. (I really don’t like the wolf skin rugs and fox skin items in other mods either. :glum: )

I do like the idea of seeing some hearthlings fishing, but this probably needs to wait for the fixes for water that are coming soon, hopefully - at least if you’re thinking about seeing fish in the water or fishing from simple boats.

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You can give the fisherman the ability fish up mussels and pearls that you can make in to beautiful decorations and the pearls are worth a lot of money.

Thanks for getting back with me :grin:

As far as the water goes, I was thinking if utilizing the same random spawn
patterns of critters, only changing the container to the water, and
creating an image of schools of fish swimming, or various other fish type
mods. Otherwise, I’m contemplating a “air bubbling” animation to signify
fish in the water. The rest is catch rates (works like a roll, and also
offers the opportunity for skill set or idem modifiers/advancements) I
haven’t thought about boats yet, but I do like the idea of fertilizer for
food. I was thinking if utilizing the rotten food for bait. Let me know
what you think

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I had an idea i think I posted before about making the fisherman work similarly to the trapper, with fishing zones you can make as long as it’s adjacent to water. Probably a lot smaller than the 50x50 zones that trappers have, like maybe 4x10 or something. Like the trapper, they would make raw materials to be used by other crafters like the trapper’s skins and meats for the weaver, blacksmith and chef. The fisherman could produce fish for the chef of course, but also fish oils for the herbalist and as Maltek said, pearls and sea shells maybe for decorations and advanced gear.

There’s also an ability the trapper has that isn’t implemented yet for making traps that hurt/bind monsters. The fisherman could make tripwires from fishing lines?

I like the idea of a use for the rotten food. However, to place that in a mod you’d have to make sure that you change how the game automatically removes it currently.

I didn’t even think about that, thank you. If your interested, I could use
the help developing the mod. I’m running slow right now due to school and
work :confused:

quick update:

I have already begun creating my class, and updating the outfit, as well as the talisman and tool. I’m also creating my outfit, however I ran into an issue trying to copy and paste the hat from the Farmer’s QB file to my fishermans, and now I’m having issues squaring it away. once i’m done with the outfits and tools and benches and a few starter recipes, I’m going to begin gathering the code, and testing my fisherman and capabilities in the water.

I’m super glad for the feedback, you guys have given me some great ideas to attempt to utilize . . .Thanks!

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The fishing zones would be an easy way to create a container to hold the fish, thereby making it easier to “Catch” them, so to speak. I only see a few issues with this.

  1. The drag-able field in which the Trapper utilizes, would have to be shifted to a 3 dimensional field, and then place-able in the water. The first issue with this is, I don’t know how to do it. It is a great idea, but I don’t quite know how I could utilize this, and make my modding life any easier.

  2. I love the idea of sharing across classes, but I believe I may have had a similar idea, only in reverse. In that the Blacksmith could make better, metallic hooks. The engineer could create better reels with better catch rates and buffs, as well as rods engineered for larger fish. I LOVE the idea of cross class capabilities, and I’m definitely up for more information regarding your ideas, if you’d like to share. Thanks for getting my brain moving!


The Muscles I like, as I originally wanted to create this class to generate more food, as well as new food options. To include recipes for sushi, salmon and various other forms of steaks, as well as Oysters an oyster stuffing (One of my Turkey day faves . . . Yum) I love the idea about the pearls, they could be used to create other class mods, like the Jeweler class another modder created. Keep the ideas coming, I love the creative flow! :smile: