Fishing - [Suggestion]


Fishing is a good way to get resources and also diversify a city’s potential. If it isn’t already being implemented it definitely should be! Also it would be cool to see some voxel fishies!!!

Fishing and sailing
Stonehearth FISHERMAN

fishing is indeed a great means of providing food for your units… and in this setting, it would fit very well (watching these guys lazily search for their next meal just … fits)…

however, fishing requires water, and water is “expensive” computationally… so, will fishing eventually make it into the game? i have little doubt… when exactly that might be is another question entirely… :wink:

there are some great voxel fish floating around (pun… somewhat intended)… i’ll have a go at hunting them down and link a few here…

edit: ok, found one, but i know there’s more… a skeletal one, if i recall…


I would love to see fishing in the game they can be used for a ton of different things other than just food. i will let your imaginations wander with that. :smile:


The better question I think is what type of fishing? I think a standard rod and lure would be easy to implement. Even setting fish traps would be pretty easy to implement, or so it seems. Now if you want fishing boats, spear fishing, fly fishing, or noodling, in which the units are acting in the water as opposed to sitting out of it then I suppose we’ll be waiting a while. The fishing mechanic could be similar to chopping wood, the unit sits down and casts its line and after enough has been harvested, jogs off to the stockpile. I think it’ll show up soon enough. Why not ask this Thursday at 4pm PST?


I think it would be good to be able to set traps and nets, as well as possibly player fishing, which would likely just e an automated animation that produces a random number of fish per time slot.


it is a perfectly good question, but will likely get lumped into the “water must come first” bucket (when considering fishing, underwater exploration, sea travel/warfare, etc.)


Reminds me of Asterix and his village! xD


@SteveAdamo I’m pretty sure water is going to be in game in some form, as one of the main considerations in the farming minigame is water. Just how dynamic it’s actually going to be, is up to he devs and how good of a simulation they can pull (without melting your CPU). But hey, DF has pretty decent water, and if you want to see some really well done 3d fluid mechanics check out From Dust.

Back on topic. Fishing. Definitely should be in game and you don’t really need realistic water to make it work, just enough water squares, a fishing rod and a patient settler. Heck if you build your city, one of the titans could even be a giant tuna and once you kill it, you’ll have fish meat for years :smiley:


I have never heard of Asterix until just now looked it up on the wiki seems like an interesting comic.


Hehe, now I’m feeling old :wink:

When I was a child, everyone read asterix comics - along with Clever & Smart, Fix and Foxy etc. etc. :smile:


I’m 99% certain someone has asked about fishing in a previous livestream … I can’t quite remember the response, but I think it was something that they would like in the game, it will more than likely be in there, perhaps not at launch, but it’s something they like the sound of.

Somebody please correct me if I’m wrong!


no sir, i recall the same basic question and response… and if we look in your massive… thread, we find:

Will individual settlers be innately adept or inept at various
1 - Livestream - 1:11:04

“My gut reaction, and this a gut reaction … no, because then we’re
restricting your choice, maybe you want your blacksmith to be the guy
with the epic beard … but if he’s naturally a fisherman, and some
other guy is a blacksmith then you’re stuck … We don’t want to
restrict your choice like that … so my gut reaction is … you pick
what class your units are and then they gain proficiency.”

so it would seem the idea is at least being tossed around at this point… :smiley: