Reyya's Children Varieties

We’ve had them for quite awhile; The Reyya’s Children group. You make your outpost for carvans, but they look too “Western” still since they use the gear of The Ascendancy. I’ve suggested it before, but now I think going more in-depth for it would be preferable.

Overall, clothing changes hould be more fitting for attire of that of Middle Eastern areas, but also some classes need changing or just an overhaul for equipment.

-Normal Classes-
Carpenter; Obviously an overhaul is needed since a Carpenter would be a rare commodity in the desert, so perhaps instead of the dark blue and overalls they wear, why not a simple red vest, brown gloves and boots with a yellow belt/buttons and trip on the vest?
Mason; The Mason’s design can stay the same, but they could join in and get a darker orange, something like a sunset rather than pumpkin orange.
Blacksmith; It’s going to be incredibly hot near the forge in the desert, so a red vest like the Carpenter would have, but they’d also have an apron and longer gloves.
Engineer; Can stay the same. It’s a “Neutral” look they have, since it can work almost anywhere.
Herbalist; Their robes can do without the turtleneck cut and can use a symbol change on the front so that they can be kept cooler in the heat and be connected to that region’s group. Yellow for the symbol and red for the robes to keep in line with everything, but the robes would be longer in the back so they go over the shoes a bit.
Cook; Keep the attire but make their shirts orangee like the Mason’s.
Farmer; Their clothing should be light and easy to move around in but not incredibly heavy. Long brown clothing would suffice, much like the doors of the houses.

-Fighting Classes-
Here’s where it gets interesting…Either make their clothes the same, just different twists on how they look (Cloaks and stuff), or just change weapons overall.

Metal armour would get too hot and would practically boil you alive in the desert, but would also slow you down in the sand.

Footmen; Would stay the same for class name but instead of tabbards/padded armour, they’d have long cloaks/robes and would focus more on dodging and such. Instead of a wooden shortsword to start with, a Wooden Schimatar would work. It’d do only 7 damage (2 points less than the sword), but would only cost 1 wood + 1 Clay and would also add an attack speed buff to them. The Weaver would have more access to more Armour for all four of the Fighting Classes too, while the Blacksmith would deal more with weaponry. Other weapons; Stone Maul would still be in and deal the same damage, Stone Knife would deal 9 damage but still have the attack speed up, Bronze Schimatar for 13 damage and speed up, Iron Schimatar for 15 damage and speed up, Yatagan (Thicker, two-handed sword) for 22 damage, Then a one-handed Steel Schimatar for the last weapon for 20 damage as well. Basically, they focus more on one-handed stuff and shields since the shields would be their best bet for defense, just make the shields more fitting, like for the Potter;“Pot Lid Shiled”, +1 Defense, “Bronze Crescent Shield” and a “Iron Crescent Shield” too. Their equipment for body armour/helmets; Cloth Turban (+1 Defense), Padded Turban (+2 Defense), Bronze-topped Padded Turban (+3 Defense), Chainmail and Iron Helmet (Like the Misurka, +4 Defense), Long Robes (+1 Defense, +2 Speed), Padded Skirt Robes (+2 Defense, +3 Speed), Bronze-Lamellar Robes (Just on the skirt/shoulders/part on the armour, +3 Defense, +3 Speed), Iron Chainmail Robes (+4 Defense, +5 Speed) Also, instead of a 60% damage increase overall, why not have them dodge more since their equipment can support that? They’d still get a 20% increase total, but the battles would last a bit longer with them since they’d not get hit as much.

Archer; The same, but their bows can have the Composite Bow be there instead of the Recurve Bow and can be crafted with cloth instead of leather.

Caravan Guard (Knight); Here’s where it gets interesting…The Knight should overall be changed to be a faster, better-at-dodging Caravan Guard clad in layers of cloth and use a staff/polearm rather than a Knight with heavy metal armour with a sword and shield. Their starting talisman would be the “Guard’s Staff” made from 1 log and an iron ingot, looking like the Herbalist’s staff but instead doesn’t have the leaves but has both ends with blunt tips made of iron. Their gear would be a cloth wrap around their heads with space for eyes, and would have large capes and robes. The idea for this comes from when “Monkey” is talked about constantly in the flavor text of the Reyya’s Children stuff. Robe, staff, seems right. Abilities for the Caravan Guard would start off with the capability to dodge often and draw in enemies because their gear is quite lavish (Said cloth mask would have some baubles and such on it). At level 1 they’d get more likely to dodge, Level 2 they’d get a new attack that lets them stun enemies temporarily by striking their legs with the staff, and they’d still get some slight defense boosts. Other wepaons and armour could include some lamellar and such with some more lavish cloaks/masks, and their staves could be upgraded like the Quarterstaff and some other things like that.

Clerics; They’d be more defensive and able to wear some of the Footman’s robes as well as the Circlet, and have a brown robe instead of yellow.