Outfit colour discrepency

While playing as Rayya’s Children, the general colour theme for outfits seems to be a lot of reds and tan browns, as reflected by the Worker, Herbalist, and Potter clothes. However, all the other outfits for all the other classes seem to be using mostly blues, greens, and darker browns. While this does make the crafters easier to spot among the workers (and vice-versa), it feels very out of place for the core aesthetics of the civilization. Are these just the outfits for the classes as a whole, with no race-dedicated outfits yet?

I’m on Develop-2797 (x64).

yes, there currently aren’t any race specific crafter uniforms, the case being the uniforms were made before rayya’s children were added, so the they were tailored more towards the look and feel of the ascendancy.

i’m not certain as to whether we will be getting new uniforms for rayya’s children, but i do think it would look much better if they did get red colored uniforms.


@tom discussed this on a stream a few weeks back (maybe more than that…not really sure) that the crafter’s colors were there to help players visually identify their crafters without needing to click each one. If each kingdom had different crafter colors, we would need to learn 3 (or more) colors per crafter, multiply that by the number of crafters (currently 11) and that’s a lot of info to digest. Not saying your idea is bad, just sharing the dev’s thoughts.

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It does seem like the outfits could stay mostly the same color but be tweaked a bit to match Rayya’s style more.