Eraser for Mining Zones and The Potter

Hey Team Radiant!,

 Just a few quick things! 

1, I’d recommend an eraser tool for placed mining zones. That way you can edit mining zones without having to erase your entire selection instead.

2, For Rayya’s Children, I’d recommend that the Potter class, in the ‘workshops’ tab be placed where the carpenter currently is… given the significance of the Potter for Rayya’s Children.

3, Just as an extra little thing, I’d like to see Rayya’s Children footmen have red uniforms as opposed to the default blue. Same goes for the knight and the Acendency… Acendesey… the green guys… From red to blue. However though, I’m sure that’s an already planned feature and for now just part of the alpha. But in case it’s not, there’s that idea! : D

Thanks guys,


all these thoughts have been through my mind today aswell… I bet the developers have noticed it aswell then…hopefully haha :smiley:

I think they do want to keep colors different enough that you can tell what people are when zoomed out, but I do think they could do more to make them fit each kingdom.


Oh, that makes sense. Haven’t thought about that.

But yeah, like you said, maybe something else then to fit each kingdom.