New Topic: The Potter! Submit your ideas for items

Hey folks.

As part of expanding the game to the Rayya’s Children faction, I’m adding a new class: The Potter. The Potter is an intro-level crafter who turns clay (a new resource we’re adding) into useful and decorative goods.

I’ll spend all of tonight’s stream implementing the workshop and recipes for the Potter. Got ideas? Post em! Please focus on

  • Furniture
  • Ground or building decorations
  • Building parts

Edit, Capturing ideas from the thread for the stream tonight

  • Small urn, for storage (DONE!)
  • Large urn, for storage (DONE!)
  • Rustic lantern thingy. Gives off a warmer glow than other lanterns
  • Hanging lantern (oil?)
  • No bricks! Bricks are boring!
  • Wall/floor mosaics




  • Huge clay storage pots (like crates)
  • Clay roofing tiles (for use in building)

ill add more if i think of them.


things that i would love to see,

  • red clay bricks, which would then perhaps be used to build red brick walls

  • clay pots and urns for storage (@Avairian ninja posted me)

  • small statues/busts of iconic people

  • more to come as i think of it


Well, there goes a chunk of the items from my mod :anguished:, but that’s what you get when modding a game that’s still in development :smile:

I will throw in my idea for mosaic tile floors or walls


perhaps you could provide TR with your models for them to use as bases for their own, if they wanted them of course…

  • “Fine” clay pots could be nice decorative items, otherwise clay pots for water transport, decorative plants, crate alternative.
  • Select musical instruments
  • Clay + Straw = Brick

assuming clay/ceramics are synonymous here… :smile:

work in clay seems (to me) to be less precise… more imperfections…

decorations can be all over the map! personally, I want to see some mugs for our hearthlings… :wink:

some cool ceramic building/exterior lights… yes, I know its round… :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Clay tablets as reading material for idling
  • Dishware
  • And an ocerian for the heck of it

About the most interesting thing I can think of would be some kind of Rayyan Statue that represents their culture. Maybe some kind of ceramic plaque with a sun on it or something that you can stick on a wall too.


Maybe an assortment of clay lamps and other forms of lighting and decoration? Clay wind chimes are always neat to see and hear.

  • Matryoshka dolls
  • Ancient stone with carved writings or runes
  • Dishware

Wind chimes would be really cool

Those stone would maybe, be not so ancient if they where newly made right :stuck_out_tongue:


I know it’s not precisely made out of clay, but desert-dirt-sand people should be able to make tent-like roofs at the side of their houses, probably made by their weaver. Something like this:

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there are two ways, drag and drop, or use the upload button,

Cure/Healing salves (look up Native American clay uses)
Pipes (sewer/water)
Combo build? - Baghdad Battery

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Ack! @The_M pls check your messages. Ty.


How about feed silos for the live stock? The sheep might be a little large for a small scale silo like the poyo and rabbits would use but throughout the archaeologic record there are indications of clay feed silos used for storage…and later on they figured out if you reshape the bottom of the silo it becomes a feeder as well. :smile:

They usually used clays, terra cotta, etc because of it’s breathable nature which makes it handy for storing perishable dry goods like grains


Sculptures. Chess, and Toys! Brick carpets, Used to make roads look like bits are extruding from ground!

EDIT: And any “Not-in-the-game-yet-but-since-I’m-Pandemic-I’ll-do-it-anyway” items from my thread :stuck_out_tongue:


YES!!! Paving stone style bricks would be fantastic. Along the same line (color scheme) you could make decorative planters. Larger style like you see on roadsides and parking lots that hold a tree or a large grouping of flowers…leading naturally to paved avenues with flowery displays along the cooridor :smile:

Edit: having read the “no boring bricks” statement, I revise this to not include bricks…however, a new paving stone style of flooring/paths would not go amiss :wink: …you know, paired with some nice clay planters

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