Rayya's update - feedback


Just wanted to say I’m really thrilled by the latest patch, introducing Rayya’s Children and the desert biome. The artwork is absolutely amazing, the new buildings are gorgeous, and the pottery-based society is quite interesting to play ! Awesome work, the game just got way better with this patch imo.

A couple of things though:

  1. Is there way a to build Potter’s Cutters ? I need more of them, my workers are faster than him !
  2. The new UI for managing settlers is great, but adding a button to focus on a settler would be nice. Right now, you have to select the settler then focus on it, which is a bit annoying.

probably the carpenter or the mason, I cant remember what one makes the potters chisel

The carpenter has the chisel. He has to be level 4 to make it

you will need to make a masons hammer then a blacksmith hammer then a saw I think, that’s the only way I can think of with rayyas children


Agreed. I gave Rayya’s children a test run today and it is a different enough experience to give a fresh take. Especially for someone who has spent 100+ hours playing ascendancy in the forest biome…

Nice work, Radiant! The added kingdom playstyles are already showing themselves to be a unique experience.


I agree, cant wait to tryusing rayya’s with the forest and the ascendancy in the dessert:laughing:


Another little remark, I find it quite hard to get new soldiers with Rayya’s : you need to craft wooden swords, meaning you need a carpenter, meaning you need a blacksmith leveled up, meaning you need a mason leveled up (and that takes forever and a lot of stone walls :/) … And during all that time you have to do with 1 soldier ! Or did I miss a shortcut ?

get your potter started as fast as you can
I set it for maintaining 10 of each of the clay windows, doors and beds. sell them off when I shop comes out and buy any clay they have in stock for the 1g each

fomr time to time the merchants will have wooden swords faming hoes and other items you need to promote your hearthlings


I did pretty much the same thing, potter was creating assets to sell, and I was just hoarding gold until opportunity came for a wooden sword.

I had a big luck with monsters spawining on unaccessible ledge (spawned Hearthlings at the top of a mountain which had two main sides, one unaccessible from the other) for first five spawns, which was probably the only reason why Rayya’s Children survived that long. When monsters spawned a bit too close, and started to approach houses, I simply turned town defense on, and they defended themselves.

What I would actually advise, would be, hold your hats…


Oh yes, if anybody remembers scimitar from Baldur’s Gate:

I think it would be a perfect theme for Rayya’s Children, at least iron version. I know that clay scimitar is maybe far-fetched, it could be altered to maybe a clay mace. It would be just a basic +1 attack weapon for promotion to footman.


I am missing a way to either flip from settler to settler in the individual profiles, or display full Hearthling stats in the Therapist window. As is, I still have to open each individual profile, and doing so at least feels somewhat slower than with the previous UI.

It’s also not entirely obvious how to obtain clay (or maybe I’m just kinda dense) - I’d recommend putting in little “clay piles” like the stone piles we already have, or visible “clay veins” in dirt.

I think they need to add some sort of “mini tutorial” to the game to explain some of the differences since clay is just randomly found by digging in the earth or mining stone. Though I’m sure something like this will come later on once the game is stable enough to support adding tutorials without them getting broken every release.

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I think how scarce wood is and how fiber is impossible to obtain without buying it (well other than sheep) is a very great game mechanic! I however think that some of the raw material prices should be adjusted. 1g for wood and clay is wayyy tooo cheap. 5g per clay and 10 per wood would be more of a fair price in my opinion to help balance the trading game as I am finding it a little too easy to amass tons of money. What what does everyone else think?

I am sure this one will be fixed as Alpha 13 continues in development, but at the moment the cook is pretty much useless for Rayya since they cannot grow turnips or pumpkins. :frowning:


not true, there is silkweed and tumbleweeds in the desert, you just have to look around a bit :wink:

I meant a renewable form of fiber. I know about the tumbleweeds. I didn’t know about the silkweed, but I do find it very odd that silkweed would grow in the desert… I know you can’t grow it with the farmer at least :stuck_out_tongue:

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The merchants are way over-tuned at least in the town I just made. You get a mix of merchants and traders 6-10 all in a row that it becomes kind of exhausting.

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@Shurakai This is a bug actually I am fairly certain.

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Ok had a few hours (20+) playing Rayya’s children in a desert biome and found it amazing playable for a first release. There were of course a couple of problems like the merchants/traders coming 5-6 times a day. Oh so easily making a fortune by selling the Gourds which need rebalancing (I could always reach the daily targets as my food was worth so much I could sell it to increase my town worth and still have 1000+ over the food requirement)

Also the tech tree may need slightly more alteration for Rayya’s Children. The purchasing of the sword, spindle and hoe, made complete sense and was easily accomplished. But the levelling and exp gains felt completely different to ascendency i.e. much much slower. Take the essential path to create a second of the original crafter tool, with ascendency I would promote someone new to each role meaning they required the minimum level of exp to progress through (carpenter - 3lvls, mason, 3lvls, blacksmith 6lvls). With Rayya’s you have to level potter, then level the mason (while suffering from the slower levelling of it being a second profession) to then move to the blacksmith (levelling to level 5-6 with your precious wood burning all the way) to the carpenter who can finally create a cutter at level 5-6 (wasting all your wood just so you can make this one item!)

Ascendency - 12 lvls
Rayya’s - 18 lvls

I didn’t actually mind this soooooo much but either nerf the Ascendency or buff Rayya’s please!!!

Other points: Cook is redundant atm, and I really disliked making upgrade worker outfits (I didn’t want then to start looking like the ascendency)

Having to buy thread, metals, furs, woods etc, then crafting them only to sell them on is a fantastic way of separating the kingdoms it gave RC so much money and forced my to be more reliant on trade, although perhaps nerf the amount of clutter in the desert to increase dependancy on trade even more would be cool.

Basically I really enjoyed playing as RC they offered slightly more challenge and the mechanics suited my play style (buying and selling rather than clear cutting and quarrying)

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Yeah, that was kind of what I was getting at with the notion of clay veins - if I can see veins in dirt, I’m more likely to conclude “hey, digging dirt might get me more clay!”. A mini tutorial or some sort of “tome of knowledge” talking about how to obtain resources once you have recipes for them would of course help, just couldn’t recall offhand if either was intended for the game.

Rayya’s Children are kind of… destructive to the environment in their resource gathering, as an observation. I ended up deciding to build my settlement literally in a hole in the ground just for an excuse to dig out dirt to get clay for my potter. Which reminds me that after playing for a while, I find myself really wanting (optional) finer control of stockpile filters. Darn Hearthlings keep putting stone and bricks in my clay pot! :wink:

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Not entirely. It is very possible to just buy most of the clay/stone/wood once you have a good running economy. :wink: Well at least that is what I do, though wood is hard to comeby in shops :frowning:

Oh i definitly want this as well! At least have a few other categories atm like “clay” or “fiber” so you can set up a nice weaver or potter only area. haha


I love the update!

I have a question and a comment.

Will crafters and footmen ultimately have a unique look for each kingdom? In particular I find it jarring to have the Rayya footmen in bright blue uniforms when the color scheme for the kingdom is dark red.

I agree with the above comments suggesting that there needs to be some kind of retooling to allow Rayya’s Children to get a second potter as right now it takes a very long time to get one.